Sunday, August 15, 2010

On The Run

We're headed out for a week, and - due to the birthday party yesterday, house guests since Thursday, and other vagaries of life with kids - our house is no where near presentable enough for our possible demise from a freak travel accident or act of God.  Ransacked is the word that comes to mind as I survey our erstwhile lovely home.  As if our family of 8, in imminent mortal danger, were swept away by the Witness Protection Program to parts unknown....

Back next week, then...if the Feds let us...


  1. Why do we think this way???

    I one-time found myself thinking. . ."Well there, if I get bulgarized, he'll be impressed with my neatness."

  2. Look at it this way, if someone breaks into your house while you're gone, they'll see it's condition and think that someone has already robbed the place and they'll turn around and leave without stealing anything.
    At least that's my reasoning every time we leave the house.

  3. I have an urge to find your house and take pictures of this so-called ransacked look. I suspect it is nowhere near what my house looks like right now.

  4. Our house was burglarized once when we were gone, and our neighbors met the police and let them in. They had to explain that the upstairs ALWAYS looked ransacked.