Sunday, August 01, 2010

So Big

A very large centipede just interrupted my peaceful, pre-bedtime blog-reading interlude.

How large was it?  It was so large that I heard it drop from the ceiling to the floor behind me.

That shouldn't be possible, right?

But I heard it.

Do I dare to search for a centipede image to accompany this post?

I think not.

In fact, I think I'll just go to bed.  It's hard to type, perched precariously atop this desk chair as I am.  Good night, y'all.

[Image credit: ChildSafetyAustralia]


  1. Nightie Night! Sleep tight! At least it wasn't a giant bed bug, right?

  2. Now I feel like I've got something crawling on my back.


  3. I was lying in bed one night reading and out of the corner of my eye saw something DESCENDING from my ceiling. I looked up in time to see a spider riding his string of drool, or whatever it is, down to where my bed was. I jumped up so fast and beat the crap out of my bed covers and never found it.

    Every night has been an adventure in sleeping.

  4. Now I know why the phrase/word "creepycrawlies" makes my skin crawl! Did you get any sleep??!!

  5. Sweet jesus, this post just gave me the chills. I saw TWO centipedes yesterday - it is the season? So gross. All those little legs. Ug.

  6. Guess what I learned on Wikipedia today? Silverfish and centipedes eat cockroaches.

  7. if you heard it fall ... it was HUGE!

  8. I bet the scorpion in the toilet is looking mighty good about now....

  9. Bugs in general do not bother me. But I make an exception for centipedes and slugs. Those make me want to freak out. But slugs are so slow it kind of takes the terror out of it. Unless I accidentally touch one while I am weeding or something. Then I lose it. Because it's like touching a living booger.

    But centipedes are kind of like aliens. Something with that many legs simply shouldn't exist. Except in nightmares.