Wednesday, August 04, 2010

And They're Off!


It was in the 90's. 

Humid as heck. 

With mosquitoes.

In fact, it was just like it's been EVERY DAY FOR THE PAST 6 WEEKS.

But that's okay, nothing a little clever planning can't handle.  We visited the blessedly air-conditioned library and picked up the entire first season of I Love Lucy on DVD (educational, right? History?) .  Then we used the summer reading program coupons to forage a free meal from the not-air-conditioned-enough pizza place nearby.  Finally, in desperation, we escaped the unremitting sun by taking refuge under our town's splash pool fountains. 

Lather.  Rinse.  Repeat.  We've been doing this sort of thing all summer.  It's getting old. I mean, I'm bored just reading that.  Do you folks come by just to be reminded how exciting your lives are compared to mine?

And now?  Sandwiches made, towels packed, kids abed...we're all set for our belated day trip to the beach tomorrow.  This involves our riding 3 hours in the car each way, with Susie talking the entire time.  Pray for us. Theo is coming also, so we might even be able to lug all the requisite beach-going paraphernalia from the parking lot to the sand before it's time to turn around and come home.

Knitting at the beach?  Discuss.  Too sandy?  Windy?  Maybe I should keep an eye on the children instead?


  1. My secret weapon against talkers on long car trips is...BUBBLE GUM! Tie back any long hair. Dispense one piece per kid. Enjoy the serenity! xxoo

  2. Knit, Pearl, Scan the beach... Repeat.

  3. You make me laugh on a regular basis..

  4. When my kids complain about having to leave the beach after 3-4 hours (about all the toddler can handle), I remind them about people like you, who don't live 15 minutes from the beach, who don't get to go at LEAST once a week. And then I tell them about the poor kids in Nebraska who probably have never even SEEN the ocean.

    Three hours each way? I couldn't live like that. I really couldn't...

    (As for knitting on the beach--people do. I'm too busy chasing children, but even so, it's usually too breezy. Breeze + sand is tough on knitting, in my opinion.)

  5. I'm with Monica - knitting on the beach works quite well. (And I'm not nearly as seasoned of a knitter as you.)

    On the upside, you could be living here where fall is on the doorstep but the peas are just now ready to pick.

  6. Oh, for the good old days of Dimetapp!

    Just kidding, oh, not really. ;-)

  7. Isn't watching the kids the reason you're taking Larry?

  8. Your fingers will sweat. Nice yarn will get sand in it, no matter how careful you try to be. Sunblock will stain it. I think the beach is an environment hostile to knitters, unless you're one of those knitting hags of Dent; even they were primarily knitting on wharves, to the best of my knowledge.
    Just my two cents. Frolic without your needles! Have fun!!!

  9. Things I learned about on I Love Lucy:

    Wine Making
    Interracial relationships
    Latin Music
    Chocolate Making
    Physical comedy

    Totally educational

  10. The first season of "I Love Lucy" lucky ducks. My favorite series ever. I can quote large parts of all the episodes.

  11. You know, I keep hearing about how the entire nation is hot, hot, hot - please send the heat this way! It's been the coldest July on record here (northern calif.). Something I would call "the winter of my discontent." Because we're going to go straight from 55 degrees into winter. Which just BLOWS.

  12. no knitting ... sit, doze, check on the kids, sit, doze, have larry get you a drink

  13. Your town has splash pool fountains? We are so backwater here that I think YOU have exciting summer days.