Friday, January 14, 2011

Blood Libel

Ha, ha - just kidding!  No politics here!

The nice man who is replacing (for free!) my broken window was due to show up today.  Which normally wouldn't have required any work on my part, except the broken window happened to be in my bedroom.  You know, the bedroom where we threw all the junk in our house in preparation for our New Year's festivities?  On top of all the other junk that has accumulated there?

[Jenn, I know you don't understand that scenario at all.  Just bear with me and the 10's of kindred disorganized spirits who read this blog.]

So!  In between keeping up with the current national dialogue on gun control  and the new Facebook profile (because I am a woman of wide and varied interests) ,

(or shallow)


I have been delving into the mess in my master bedroom, in a quixotic attempt to restore order amongst the knitting supplies and last year's files and the boxes of photos that I ordered 2 years ago before I realized that, really, it's just easier to keep everything digital.

(*forehead smack*)

I am proud to report success - my bedroom looks fantastic!  But this victory, alas, was bought at a price :  my walk-in closet....isn't.  In fact, I can barely get its door open.  In the spirit of a move towards a more civil national discourse, I will refrain from blaming conservative rhetoric or too-lax gun laws for that situation.

Mark Zuckerman is still fair game, however.

[Repairman image credit: Inkity]
[Closet image credit:]


  1. We've been talking about guns over at my place too--small world (full of too-small closets).

  2. My closet is shameful. Shameful! It's huge and we've taken full advantage of that to stuff it full of everything we don't know what to do with.

  3. Last week I informed the kids that since their rooms are such disasters, they would be required to go through all of their stuff and get rid of half of it.
    Then I walked into our bedroom....

    (um, our closet is already full, what do I do now?)

    (and don't even get me started on the sewing room)

  4. To make you feel better, I can e-mail you a picture of my bedroom. If I want to make ME feel better (and esp. if I want to make my husband feel better) I will follow your example.

  5. We had our annual termite inspection yesterday. Access to the attic is in the room where I stowed all the Christmas stuff...unpacked and strewn everywhere around the room. But I'm sure they've seen worse, like my son's bathroom!

  6. Congratulations, kindred spirit! My bedroom is still full of all the junk that got thrown in there for the Christmas Day festivities! You are my motivation. Maybe cleaning my bedroom will be this weekend's project, or next weekend's, or the week after that....

  7. I, on the other hand, am more than happy to point to lax gun control laws as a major contributing factor to the situation. Political rhetoric is, however, off the hook this time.

  8. @Melissa - Go ahead and tackle cleaning the master bedroom - I swear, my clean room has put a spring in my step. Maybe because I don't have to dodge and weave my way around piles of junk on the floor anymore...

  9. I'll admit you sucked me in with that title. But good for you on your newly refreshed bedroom!

  10. The reason our room is such a mess is that no one, not even me, knows where some of this stuff belongs. :) Time to finish sorting all the junk from cleaning out MIL's house? Hubby couldn't bear the throw out any of it and did not have time to sort it, so lots of junk was transported from NY to Virginia to be sorted later. But we all know later never comes, LOL.

  11. How does this happen to us? I swear I clean out a room and send cartloads to Goodwill...but still I lose a closet or garage space. I don't get it!

  12. At least the thought of so much cleaning did not weaken your immune system to the point where you came down with a nasty cold. (Hey, I'll take my excuses where I can find them!)

  13. Don't despair, people. It can be done!
    Last month I 'found' extra storage space in my house, and it didn't cost me a dime.