Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bunko and Spanx - Great Combo!

I spent yesterday ignoring my kids while making my home presentable  for Bunko.  I spent today eating all the leftover candies from the dice tables while nursing a housecleaning hangover.  I've been feeding my children "Bunko food" for 2 days.  I cannot understand why I am allowed to be in charge of other human beings.  It makes no sense.

I'm finding, lately, that my jeans are way more comfortable unbuttoned.  I believe that is a bad sign.  But at least I'm not trying to wear Spanx.  Really, if you think you have ever been embarrassed in your life, watch this video.  You'll feel much better about yourself.

That is all.  Nothing else to see here but a middle-aged housewife finishing up the almond Hershey kisses.  Move right along...

[Bunko image: Cheyenne Crossing HOA]


  1. Mrs. G. has this clip as well--I have to think I would have never returned home after that incident. Unless it was to move out under the cover of darkness!

  2. My kids never appreciated the cleaning frenzy prior to bunko or book club, but they always enjoyed the leftovers. I don't see a problem with this -- we are feeding them, after all!

    I don't dare watch that video a 2nd time. I'm afraid I'll burst out laughing in my sleep tonight.

  3. A housecleaning hangover! So THAT'S what it is! Thanks for matching the name with my symptoms.

  4. I love my Spanx. Only mine are old school and it is called a girdle. Wouldn't go to church without it!

  5. Oh my goodness, thank you for posting that video! How hilarious!

  6. I definitely need to start a Bunko or Book Club so that I'm able to experience a house-cleaning hangover--why didn't I think of this before?

  7. I'll be like this next Sunday at 4 ish after my book club at my house :)

    I've never worn spanx but I've heard they are miserable to wear!



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