Thursday, November 17, 2011

If The Shoe Fits...

3 boys, 3 girls - our household is like a laboratory for an investigation into the personality differences (or lack thereof) between male and female.  And up until today, I would have sworn (after 2 decades of careful study) that one HUGE difference is that boys, unlike the fairer sex, have a built-in aversion to trying on clothes.  Actually, just standing in a clothing store is often enough to give them hives.  Both Theo and David, for example, when dragged to the shoe store will stand there and say, "Okay, that looks good."

"But you haven't tried it on!"

"I know my size.  It'll fit.  Let's go."

Today, however, I had to take Brian to Payless for some form of hiking boot.  So!  He cheerfully tried on 2 different hiking boots, 2 sizes each, and proclaimed all of them too "high."  Exasperated, I told him he would just have to wear his sneakers on this weekend's Boy Scout hike.  At which point I noticed said sneakers were falling apart. So then (again cheerfully) he tried on 3 different pairs of sneakers, 2 sizes each, and determined that the heels were all too "slippy."

As he struggled with the last pair of laces (about 45 minutes in), I began to lose it.  "What are you doing?  Can't you even tie your own shoes?  For heaven's sake, people are going to think you're homeschooled or something!"

Brian giggled and chanted, "I'm homeschooled, I'm homeschooled!" as he continued to fuss with his 2 bunny ears.  He has an awesome sense of humor, people.  Just awesome. But that doesn't change the fact that he trashed the results of my 20 years of painstaking research into gender differences.  My other boys don't giggle in shoe stores.


  1. New Balance makes low cut hiking shoes. I like the 966 model. I get them mail order, I know my size and I know they'll fit.

  2. My youngest boy messed up my stats, too -- he was actually willing to wear nice clothes for picture day for the past 8 years.
    Maybe it's a youngest boy thing?

  3. I still buy my boys clothes, bring them home, and then return what they don't like. That's how much they hate shopping and I hate shopping with them.

  4. Your son sounds awesome!

    Also, my girls LOVE trying on clothes and I HATE it and both my boys don't mind it all that much, so, well, I'm not sure what conclusion to draw from that.

  5. So, is he homeschooled? ;) I have one boy who messes things up for me too....he cannot stand to be dirty....and he isn't really a prissy boy....very boyish in all other aspects...but cannot stand to be dirty!

  6. I've solved the boy shopping problem. I go ahead and buy clothes for my younger sons (still in sizes I can do that) and when the 16 year old needs clothes, I send him to the store with my husband. They both hate shopping so much that they get it done quickly, I like to think of it as a father/son male bonding activity.
    Plus, I don't have to humiliate him by doing things like looking at the size on the tag of his Levis in the middle of the store where, apparently, everyone is watching.

  7. Ah, but comfortable shoes really do make a difference!
    You need to find him some hiking boots with VELCRO...

  8. Both my kids (one of each gender) despise trying on clothes at the store. I'm allowed to hold it up to them to see if the sleeves and torso or pant legs are long enough, but that's it. I hate trying on clothes, too, so I get it. Your son is impressive.

  9. Shoe shopping is a freaking nightmare with my kids. I've gotten to the point that if they like them and the fit even if they are expensive. Otherwise it could take days and many many stores.

  10. Boys are way easier to buy shoes with than girls, that's for sure!



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