Monday, November 07, 2011

Technology - Ain't It Amazing?

Well, we survived the change from daylight saving time to standard time, but it wasn't pretty.  Larry and I made a pact sealed in BLOOD (well, almost) that neither of us would change any of the gazillion time-keeping objects in our house until AFTER we woke up Sunday AM.  That way, we wouldn't get all confused and sleep in until 8:30 (as if!), thinking it was only 7:30, but it was really 8:30 because some efficient doofus moved the clock back before bed.

Not that that would ever happen or anything...

Anyway, we had this agreement.   I was up and out of bed on Sunday and the clock read 6:30 AM.  Meaning, it was really 5:30, new time.  Awesome!  Boy, going to sleep early on Saturday evening sure paid off - here I had all these extra hours before the kids even stirred.

And then I noticed that the sun was up.  And I knew I had spent the previous week cowering in bed under my covers at 7 AM, because it was still dark outside.  "You changed the clock!" I yelled at my startled, still abed spouse.

"I didn't touch it!" he insisted.

"You had to!  Look at the sun!"

Larry glanced at his watch.  "You're right - it's 7:30.  Or should be 7:30."

We stared at our alarm clock radio like startled savages.  Who did it?  When?  And then we realized - I had bought it for Larry on Father's Day, unaware of its special powers until now.  It changed itself.

 Shades of HAL 9000, if you ask me...

[Clock image: Info Puck]


  1. Heh. I totally forgot about the time change until I came downstairs and sat at my computer. And then I looked at my phone.
    Littlest guy was like "Yes, Mom, the time changed. Have you been on Mars all week or something??"

  2. My husband changed all the clocks but my alarm clock. He's always done the clocks, which is nice :)

  3. Clocks that think for themselves... yet another reason to not change clocks until morning.

    I was drinking wine at a retreat at 1am... or maybe it was midnight? Or 2am? It's all a blur to me now.

  4. We made sure to change the boys' clocks because I didn't want them thinking it was 7 and everyone was up, so what do you think happened? The youngest was up at 3 am (is that 4? or 2?) for a couple hours with a head cold, actually still asleep at 6:15 (which used to be 7:15), and the boys were noisy downstairs and woke her up, even though their clocks said 6:15.

    Daylight Savings makes my head hurt.

  5. I still need to change the one in my car. I'm tempted to leave it, because I always keep it 10 minutes fast. So now it's 50 minutes behind. This is going to drive my husband BONKERS. Hehehe...

  6. We bought an alarm clock like that for our daughter several years ago, when the time change happened a week earlier.
    Her clock changed by itself a week early :)

  7. I hate appliances that think for themselves.

  8. I want one of those clocks. Except I would probably become more confused than I am now.

  9. I had that same disorienting experience myself.