Saturday, November 12, 2011

Catching Up

Let's catch up, shall we?  Just pour yourself a cup of tea and have a seat...

I gave up on trying to make the beloved flowered slipcover whiter and put it back on the chair.  It's not as yellow as it was, anyway; so that's progress.  And today I picked up some OxiClean at the commissary, so maybe I'll try that out when I have some time.  After New Year's, say...

Theo turned 20 this past week.  Meaning, I've been a mother for 2 decades, a fact which strikes me as sort of awesome.  Of course, that also means I'm 20 years older than when I started this parenting gig, a fact which is not quite as awesome. 

Just the right amount of chewy...
The Halloween candy obsession has continued apace.   I thought I had gotten rid of most of it when I sent it to the office with Larry, but I keep stumbling over little caches of it EVERYWHERE.  I just found some more peanut M&M's in my purse.  So I ate them, just to make them go away.

Swedish fish are pretty good.  I'd forgotten.

I'm hosting Bunko Monday evening, and the house is a mess. The next 2 days are going to be one long cleaning marathon.  I think I need more candy just to keep up my strength.

I have to finish a pair of socks and knit 4 more felted Lopi totes.  Which means that I felt it that last night was the perfect time to start a hat for Susie. Knitting can mess with the time-space continuum (or, at least, my perception of it) in a very big way.

[Oxiclean image: Busy Mom Blog]
[Swedish fish image: The Chocolate Review]


  1. You have some nerve talking about candy and then not bringing enough for the whole class.

  2. I think you should knit one more tote and do a blog giveaway!

  3. Hey, I have two chairs with those same slipcovers. Did the slip cover fit right after you washed it? Do tell. I've got shadows of muddy dog paws on one seat. Spot cleaning didn't bet fully rid of them.

  4. Congrats on the two decades! You've got me doubled up, but in another decade you'll only have me thirded, or something like that. I've had sick kids all week and I still have one sick kid and I'm eyeing the healthy one warily, waiting for the other shoe to drop. But, I knit two mittens (except for thumbs) in one day, so you CAN defy the space-time continuum if you try hard enough.

  5. Happy 20th Motherversary, my friend!

  6. I just read the directions for the felted bags over at Hello Yarn.

    How do the handles get that cute shape? Do you shape them when they come out of the wash?

    And how do you wash it later without it getting even smaller?

    And more to the point, what would a fashionable young woman do with a bag that size? (I want one, but I just don't know why yet!!)

  7. Happy badly to Theo and happy parenting anniversary to you. If you could boil it all doWn to one nugget of wisdom, what would would it b?

  8. Oxy Clean is amazing. Do try it.
    Many happy returns to your son--TWO DECADES. oh my.

  9. Happy 20th to you and to Theo!
    Which reminds me, I saw some Theo chocolates the other day...

  10. You ate the M&M's to make them go away. LOL! I would do the same thing.

  11. OK - how long does it take to make one of those bags? Because, despite my determination not to get sucked into the madness known as Christmas knitting, I went to Webs and ordered enough yarn to make two of those suckers after clicking on the pretty hyperlink up there. So I am going to need some guidelines to know if I have gone completely over the edge or not......

  12. @momwhoknits - It really doesn't take very long - it's garter stitch with some easy decreasing at the bottom. If you dedicate yourself to it, it could be a 2-day project - and really, isn't it about time those children learned to fend for themselves in the kitchen, anyway?