Monday, February 27, 2012

Not Crazy Yet, But Darn Close

Just popping in to announce that someone named Denise (who posted as Anonymous) has won the prize for correctly identifying the source of the Cling Peaches post title.  Edith Bunker, in one memorable episode of All in the Family, regaled Archie AT LENGTH with the story of how she messed up the car in the grocery store parking lot, and Cling Peaches in Heavy Syrup played a big part in that.  Halfway through, Archie threatened Edith with I-don't-know-what if she uttered the words "cling peaches" again.  So she resorted to saying "hmmm....hmm...hmm" instead.

Look, it's what passed for humor in the 1970's.  What can I tell you?  We didn't have Seinfeld yet.

So, Denise, if you are reading this, please email me your info.  If I don't hear from you, Kayla will win instead.  She's the only other person who knew what I was talking about.

This person had no sense of humor.
As for the second Anonymous who commented on my pre-Oscar post by saying, "Are you being silly? If you read a newspaper or Internet you would have heard of ALL the movies and basically the plot from beginning to end. I have not seen any of them but I of course know every single actor...the George Clooney thing makes no know he is with stacey Keebler who was on Dancing with The Stars? " -- I want her to know that her comment made me flash back to that scene in Annie Hall where Alvie Singer is at the beach house with his post-Annie girlfriend and she is watching him chase lobsters all over the kitchen and saying, "Are you being funny?  I mean, you're kidding, aren't you?  I don't get it."

Apparently, Anonymous doesn't hang out here much, or she would have read this post and realized that, no, I wasn't kidding.  Not one bit...

Just realized my post title makes no sense unless you understand that I'm still chasing down those darn head lice.  Gah.  More tomorrow....

[Edith Bunker image: Zap2It]
[Not Annie image: EveryWoodyAllenMovie]


  1. My memory fails me such that you could tell me the same jokes every year and they would be new each time. Try me in a year to see if I can remember about cling peaches...

    I read "The Help" -- does that count for anything? My husband hadn't heard of these films, either.

  2. If I ever see reruns of All in the Family, I'm surprised at how much I laugh at Edith and Archie. The other 2, not so much.

    Until my friend Gariana did her Top 10 list of movies for 2011 on my blog, I hadn't heard of a lot of them. Bullhead? Sherri? REALLY?

    I did know Clooney was dating Keibler because I know everything about George except his home address. Fortunately for him.

  3. Wait. Did Edith win a best actress oscar?

  4. I do read your blog, but I tend to gravitate towards the large family blogs that actually talk alot about their families and share tips and recipes and homechooling ideas AND lots of pictures. I am sorry if I offended you in anyway. My husband is a genious and anything but a pop culture enthusiast...yet he also reads the paper and is on the Internet, etc... and could tell you about what most celebrities are up to...he was the one who told me Heidi Klum and Seal were separated...that Anna Nicole Smith had died...that Jennifer Lopez wa seeking divorce.. What I was getting at was i was suprised that someone who writes a blog really has no clue...yet my geeky Dr husband just by osmosis of hearing people at work talk and stuff pops out in the paper and online. seems to keep up just fine with pop culture without caring to at all......i just find it hard to believe...:)

  5. Funny how Edith Bunker seems to be getting younger as I get older. I was sure she had to be in her 80s when I was a kid.

  6. Totally thought of you yesterday when my oldest brought me the letter from his school: someone had head lice. Look for the nits/lice in your children's hair.

  7. I realized I had not seen any of the movies OR even knew more than the basic plot for most of them.
    Also realized I didn't really CARE about any of it either :) I find myself more and more saying "So What?" when the latest divorce/scandal/who knows what hits the "news".
    Oldest gave up You Tube for Lent...harder than he thought it would be!!! For me? would be hard to give up on something I don't really use :)

  8. Have you tried Cetaphil? We've had lice three times-- and the last two used Cetaphil. Completely different experience than the first. Email me if you want more details!