Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cling Peaches

Let's not talk  I don't want Amy to leave me.  And I'm tired of the whole subject of....hmm-hmmm....anyway.

I've been invited to an Oscar-watching party, and I've only seen one of the movies this year (The Descendants).  Since I don't have time to view everything I missed on DVD (that silly job thing getting in the way of my life, AGAIN), I need your help in filling out my ballot correctly.  The hostess is handing out prizes!  So tell me - what/who should win...


The Artist
Never heard of it

The Descendants
Larry will NOT forgive me for choosing to see this movie instead of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier Spy.

Extremely Loud...
I am not seeing any movie that says it is extremely loud...I need some peace and quiet.

The Help
I overheard a book club discuss the book once - does that count?

Why are his arms like that, anyway?
Never heard of this one, either...

Midnight in Paris
I cannot BELIEVE I have not seen this yet - I may have to watch it this weekend.

I heard this was good,  How interesting could that be?
The Tree of Life
That's the weird one, right?

War Horse
I HATE horse stories.  I'm not voting for this one, even if all of you tell me to.


Demian Bichir

George Clooney
I had no idea who this was until I started blogging.  True story.

Jean Dujardin
Sounds French...

Gary Oldman
This guy is famous for something, right?

Brad Pitt
I still think "Thelma and Louise" when I see this name.  I assume he's done other movies, right?


Glenn Close
What? She was in a movie last year?  Which one?

This is just how I would look if I owned a coffee plantation.
Viola Davis
Really? That sounds like what a character playing an actress in a movie would be named.
Rooney Mara 

Meryl Streep
Okay, I know this one.  I'm not THAT far gone.  Although my reference point is Out of Africa...

Michelle Williams
Again, who?

Thanks for any help you can give me.  And for the whole 15 minutes I was writing this, I didn't think about...hmm-hmmm...even once.  That felt good.

By the way, the first commenter to figure out the reason behind the title of this post wins a Starbucks gift card. (With any luck, I'll even remember to mail it.)  I'm warning you, though - you might not be able to figure out the meaning unless you are one of us middle-aged people who grew up with only 3 networks' worth of programming to choose from. 

[Oscar image: Current Movie Reviews]
[Meryl Streep: Blaubushka]


  1. I'm guessing Allnin the Family and Edith Bunker. :) We were happy with our three stations and did not get cable until my senior year in high school!

    1. You've got it! Remember her telling that overlong story to Archie about the sale on clinged peaches and the shopping cart hitting her car? Do email me your info so that I can send you the card.

  2. The Help was good. And my son like Hugo. And that's all I know. (Clueless about the title.)

  3. YOU must rent The Help. It is wonderful(or maybe it was wonderful to me because I am a real-life southerner.)
    Just watched Hugo with the children-also WONDERFUL! It is pretty much Martin Scorcese's love letter to early movies.

  4. I have no idea why you named this post Cling Peaches but when I saw it I immediately thought of my brother-in-law. My husband loves to tell the story of the time he ate a can of peaches and swallowed them without chewing them up first. He was pretty proud of himself until he threw them up. I

    I'm chuckling now just thinking about that story. Brings a smile to my face every time.

    1. Well! I guess there is nothing like a good vomit story to make one's day. Cling peaches, anyone?

  5. I'm totally meh about movies and the Oscars, but I did love Hugo.

  6. I've only seen The Help, and I seriously hope that Viola Davis wins for Best Actress. She ROCKED. Hugo is based on "The Invention of Hugo Cabret" and is a 3D movie that is what 3D SHOULD be, according to my best friend, and was directed by Martin Scorsese. I doubt it'll win. I suspect that The Artist (and, subsequently, Dujardin) will win, though. Much as I hate to say it.

  7. Rooney Mara (why did I think her name was Mara Rooney?) is the lead actress from the American version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

  8. I am so behind on my movie-viewing this year. Going to the movies is my husband and my "thing" so I only go see movies without him that I don't think he'd like. So I saw "The Vow" with a friend and missed a whole bunch of great movies--you know, with him, living half-time in another state and all.

    I've seen The Descendants, The Help, and Moneyball. I need to get to the video store, too.

  9. Well. I don't see movies either. I *read* The Help, I think even before Oprah did, so does that count? I hope Viola Davis wins because she's from Central Falls, RI, which is the smallest city in this poor, small state and I think it had to file for bankrupty. Hurrah for her, I say. Rooney Mara has her name because she's part of the Rooney/Mara clan (of the Steelers, right?) so they named her with all last names. And every time I see the commercials for Extremely Loud I leave the room, because I spent weeks crying over 9/11 when it actually happened (hugely pregnant and hormonal, too), I don't know why anyone who lived through it would want to go watch a movie and cry about it fictionalized just ten years later. It feels way too soon to me.

    I hope you tell us about the cling peaches. I tried to Google but I'm not coming up with anything.

    1. Her first appearance (according to IMDB) was as Patricia Rooney Mara. Steelers owned by Rooney, Giants owned by Maras. Probably all call her Patti or Trish.


      "I'm gettin' to the cling peaches, Aarchie."

  10. My sisters and I have an Oscar party every year....we even have a traveling trophy (a dollar store anatomy doll spray painted gold)....and we never, ever see the movies. Maybe 10 or so years ago....before kids we would see a few of them....but now....none! We just guess. We have learned in the foreign film category....pick the one that sounds the absolute strangest....always a big winner!!!

    Edith's "accident".....

    1. You were second! If Denise doesn't get in touch with me, you win!

  11. The only one of these I want to see is Moneyball (but I haven't actually seen any of them). And it's not baseball that makes it so interesting, it's statistics! Um. Maybe David can explain it to you. It's a geek thing, I think.

    1. Good to know - maybe I'll rent it and watch it with him.

  12. Grew up with only two networks...and still don't know the reference!

    And really, Out of Africa, still a movie great!

  13. I haven't seen any of those movies, and the only one I want to see is The Descendants. I've read The Help, and I enjoyed the book but didn't really feel it was worth a movie.

    We don't get out much, and we always watch our movies on DVD years after they've been out.

    I also don't know most of those people, and I love your editorial comments.

  14. sorry, can't help you ... i was too busy LAUGHING!!!

  15. I saw (and read) the Help and we went and saw Hugo at the $3 movies. It was a little strange but good.

  16. Um, I read The Help, and I totally agree with you about Brad Pitt in Thelma and Louise.

    The only movies I've seen lately are oldies checked out from the public library.

  17. Are you being silly? If you read a newspaper or Internet you would have heard of ALL thee movies and basically the plot from beginning to end. I have not seen any of them but I of course know every single actor..Michelle Williams..Dawsons Creek..Marilyn Monroe movie..countless other....Viola Davis...SUPER talented in
    "The Help"....I could go on and on...the George Clooney thing makes no know he is with stacey Keebler who was on Dancing with The Stars? Just trying to catch you up? Brad Pitt i in Money Ball a well as the Tree

    The peaches is a canned fruit...or the news anchor

    1. You're new around here, aren't you? I'll tell you, in my pre-baby days, I did know every single actor and which movie they had appeared in, etc. Now, however, my brain cells are occupied by such important information as shoe and clothing sizes for 4 children and assorted dinner recipes which don't make anyone cry. It's a trade-off of sorts, I guess.

      But I (and the first anonymous up there) DO know what "clinged peaches" refers to, and you don't...funny how that works...

  18. I actually read the book Hugo was based on with my son 2 years ago. The book is AMAZING. I still haven't seen the movie, but we plan to soon.