Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Did Someone Say Pizza?

Today was a good day.  Why?  Because I found a buy-one-get-one-free pizza coupon in my gmail inbox.  Hello, dinner!

Sigh.  I used to bake my own bread.  And I was smug about it.  Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Then again, considering the 2010 Reuben fiasco, who could possibly blame me?

[pizza image: Vocelli Pizza]


  1. And I hope you enjoyed every bite of it!

    I started baking my own bread a few months ago and am still searching for the perfect recipe. Please share. I also want to be smug about it.

  2. I used to bake my own bread and be smug as well. Now I eat a lot of Rubios.

  3. After the Reubens, no one could possibly blame you. Truly.

  4. I have 3 kids who earned 3 personal pan size pizzas for reading--hello cheap eats this weekend!

  5. Mmmmm . . . . pizza. I used to make my own pizza, dough and all. Now we live near a mom & pop places that delivers divine pizza. Why would I bother to make any? :-)

  6. I have our favorite pizza saved on my account at Pizza Hut. $12 and it's mine. Why? Because the kids won't eat my homemade pizza. Idiots. I mean, how precious...

    It's a large cheese-in-the-crust; left half with no sauce, beef, bacon; right half with sauce, mushrooms, sausage. And every time they screw it up, we get a free medium. BONUS!

  7. Will you hate me if I tell you that SuperDad fed the boys frozen pizzas (cooked, of course) the other night and fed the 2 of us pizza'd portabello mushroom caps?

  8. That's not saying that I want you to hate me...
    Just joining you in the pizza frenzy.

    Papa Murphy's is selling a large heart-shaped take & bake pizza for $7 right now. I can't get my husband to spend that much on a pizza. *sigh*

  9. Reuben Fiasco. Wasn't he a prizefighter?



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