Sunday, September 01, 2013

Don't Google, Be Happy

Some quick updates:

Still working on the crocheted plastic sleeping mat for Haiti - I've got 10 inches done, so this particular good deed should only take me approximately 6 more years to complete.

You wouldn't believe how many plastic bags are in this picture.

Still aghast at what the ravages of time have wrought on one of my favorite singers

Still walking around humming "The Circle Game" and mourning my lack of cute babies to squeeze

STILL have not worked up the nerve to change out my starter earrings for something prettier (although I am planning to use the Neosporin hint that Cassi passed on (one that she got from Jen on the Edge).  I've said it before, but I'll say it again:  I LOVE the blogosphere.


The only thing new is that Theo dropped by for the weekend, so I bestirred myself to cook a bunch of food in honor of his visit.  To be perfectly honest, it was more of a group effort:  I prepped the meat, but Larry grilled it; the children shucked the corn so that I could boil it; and I braved the hot August (wait, September?) sun to buy rotini for the pasta salad David was making. 

These bags do put up a fight

But I am proud to announce that I DID make the green salad all by myself.  And if you think it was easy to open that bag of lettuce, you most certainly haven't tried looking for a pair of scissors in my kitchen lately.  I was fairly verklempt by the time I dumped those leafy greens into a pretty bowl and set it on the table. 

A cold Coke revived me enough, however, to realize that we didn't have enough room around the table for 7 people - which left me wondering, what did we used to do?  I mean, when we moved into this house 6 years ago, there were 8 of us living here.  Did 2 children skip dinner each night?  Maybe I was able to count on sending at least 2 to their rooms during any particular meal?  I don't remember, even though that was ONLY 6 YEARS AGO. 

I must be losing my mind.  Early-onset dementia?  Is this a symptom?  Dare I Google it?


[Lettuce image: blisstree]



  1. I recently had a problem with a giant lump in my breast (that was resolved with a round of antibiotics) but there was no way to Google "lump" and "breast" together and get anything that wasn't terrifying. There are just some things where Google is not the way to go.

  2. That's great advice on the piercings...but no one here is getting one any time soon.
    Sounds like the family dinner was a good time together--perhaps your tribe just got BIGGER--maybe a couple of the little kids used to share chairs back in the day? Or sit under the table to eat scraps? Such a mystery, these things.

  3. LOL did you have one in a high chair and one on the boob? I spent a lot of dinners that way.

    We hardly ever sit at the table anymore, it's a shame but whatev, we'll survive.

    I can never find scissors either. I hide them when I find them and get all excited if they are still there the next time I need them. Tweezers too, those are ALWAYS missing.

    1. We always have umpteen sets of tweezers lying around until someone gets a splinter. At which point we can find none of them. NONE.

  4. Hi, to answer your question, those are oil lamps. They work great instead of candles on a table or deck.
    But with many kids you might just be flirtting with danger.
    I love a good cooking plan.
    We just had the son and his wife here and went out.
    That worked out well, but there were only four of us.

    Can't find tweezers, try using tape on that splinter.
    even with just 2 of us in the house we lose stuff.

  5. I used to cook for six or twelve with ease. Now, a simple meal of grilled burgers, salad, potatoes, and a dessert for four seems like it should be enough cooking to last us a week.

    I used to LOVE cooking! What happened?

  6. I've been thinking about Linda R. all weekend. Darned Parkinson's... called my dad today and he muttered something about been trying to call my mother but can't reach her (really, really weird since she died 2+ years ago AND they divorced more than 30 years ago).

    Glad you had a visit with Theo, even if the salad was difficult work and the kids grew so big that the table is overcrowded! :)

  7. Hmm. Was there always a couple of kids jumping up and running around so that you never noticed you were a couple of chairs short?