Saturday, September 07, 2013

I REALLY Like Tennis

Can't help myself...another scenic tennis photo...
I couldn't bring myself to post yesterday, because I liked the pictures in Thursday's post so much.  Do you think Larry would mind if I went all teen-girl-y on him and plastered photos of male tennis players all over our bedroom walls?

I guess I know the answer to that one.  Spouses can be so stifling.

I went with a friend for a pedicure today; I spent 15 minutes trying to choose a new color and ended up with the exact same color I've always gotten.  Because I'm adventurous like that.  Although, really, just getting the pedicure itself is adventure enough for my personal-space-craving self....

And, finally (because there really isn't much going on in this neck of the blogosphere, and really? Sometimes that's a good thing), let me recommend Marinka's little tour de force on why her husband REALLY shouldn't try to discuss family budget issues with her.  Ever.


  1. My husband is currently stifling my enjoyment of the weekend. He has some crazy ideas about cleaning up all of my stuff, excising, cleaning, using up the zucchini from the garden, cleaning... it wears me out just thinking about it!

  2. I think next time you should pick a random nail polish color, maybe shut your eyes and grab one. Not permanent, completely reversible, what the hell? I used to not venture far from pale pink and today I have on a metallic black-blue that I love, so you never know. Go crazy.

  3. I think Larry would cheer at the posters of male tennis players! Please let us know how that turns out. Thanks for the shout-out/Nobel nomination.

    1. Now what do you know about Larry that I don't? Hmmm....