Friday, September 13, 2013

Plumb Crazy

The rash hasn't killed me yet.  Just thought you should know...

Uh-oh, forgot to pack corn cobs!
Today?  I had to help Rachel get ready for her FIRST GIRL SCOUT CAMPOUT EVER.  Rachel's naturally high level of enthusiasm was ramped up to the nth power, because she gets to do archery and kayaking tomorrow and I'd even think of joining her, it sounds like so much fun, but the place where they are staying?  Has no flush toilets.  Yet it has cabins.  With cots.

SOMEONE at Girl Scout Central seems not to understand that plumbing is not a negotiable camping option.  Beds are negotiable.  Wooden shelters are negotiable.  You see, tents and sleeping bags suit even this civilization-loving gal just fine.  But, to my way of thinking, there just aren't enough s'mores in the world to make using an outhouse a reasonable proposition.  With or without the corn cobs...

[Outhouse image: Wikipedia]


  1. Are they going to an actual girl scout camp or somewhere else? Camp White Rock is the only one I have gone to, but it has been several years since I was there. We were our own council until we merged with the nations capital council a few years ago. I haven' been to any girl scout camp since 2003?

  2. I think you made a wise decision. Enjoy your soft tp and that beautiful flushing sound this weekend!

  3. Here here! I'd sleep in a tent, but plumbing is a MUST!

  4. Traveling in India many years ago was a lot like camping in that eventually you just decided things were "clean enough." When I've been camping it was always for long enough stretches that the "clean enough" mindset took hold. It's a tradeoff at some point.

  5. Corn cobs? Huh? Don't get the reference...enlighten me, please?

    1. Read the sign on the back of the privy in the picture! I guess if you read the blog on a mobile device, you might not get the images?

  6. I don't mind decent outhouses --and by decent, I mean they have a supply of toilet paper, are appropriately clean (unlike sanicans at outdoor events) and keep the smell to a minimum-- BUT, I refuse to reuse corncobs! That's just wrong.

  7. Really, once you've done no-trace camping...packing in all your supplies, digging a hole for the privy, getting bitten on the butt while using it, and having to fill it in again before you leave? The outhouse starts to look pretty darn good. You can trust me- I would not mislead you on a subject like this. (But I do recommend camping near a body of water deep enough to swim in... outhouses are one thing, not bathing for days...blech.)

  8. Really, it's the inevitable surplus of s'mores that eventually makes plumbing and absolute necessity.

  9. I could tell you tales from Boy Scout Camp which would curl your hair, sister. Not only do they not have flush toilets (except for the staff), but there are outhouses which employ two-holer facilities which are affectionately referred to as "pilot to co-pilot" (side by side) or "pilot to bombadier" (front to back holes). This means guys are in there doing their I don't blame you one bit for questioning the outhouse thing. It's gross.



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