Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Drinking The Kool-Aid

There's something been going on around here lately - a lifestyle change, really - that I haven't been sharing with you. 

It started innocently enough, when a friend mentioned that gas was a lot cheaper at Costco.  Now, you have to understand that, all these years, I've been a Costco refusenik, refusing to join the masses loading up those giant carts with huge boxes of foodstuffs and 48-roll packages of toilet paper.  Oh, yes, there have been times I've looked wistfully at my friends' tubs of Costco salsa and their giant frozen lasagnas, but I've been able to get past all that and move on with my life.

But cheaper gas?  I realized that I drive right by a Costco once a week, while the girls are at art class.  So, hey, I'll just check it out, I thought.  I don't have to buy anything.  Just, you know, LOOK at the prices, make sure I'm still getting a better deal at the military commissary I frequent once a month.

Oh, it is indeed a slippery slope, people - it took me less than an hour of walking around Costco and doing some rapid-fire calculations re the gas money savings more than making up for the membership fee, and suddenly I'm filling out a membership application and buying 90 dollars worth of granola bars and corn chips and the like.  NINETY DOLLARS.

I feel special.
No, actually, I'm in deeper than that.  I opted to become an EXECUTIVE member (hey, an additional 2% back on purchases), plus I agreed to sign up for the special Costco-issued American Express card (an extra 3% off the already low gasoline prices!).  And....well...I'm excited about it.  Apparently, I needed something different in my life, something to look forward to each week.  Who knew that that something was just a bit of warehouse shopping?

I haven't told Larry about the extra credit card yet, mostly because I hate watching him bang his head on the computer keyboard like that.  You see, he is a one-credit-card type of guy.  And I don't think he'll understand if I tell him that, as far as dealing with mid-life crises goes, this is a fairly uncomplicated solution, more convenient for our family schedule than twice-a-week belly-dancing lessons or monthly yoga retreats.

Maybe I should just lure him in to the warehouse-shopping madness by telling him about Costco's low, low prices for cases of Sam Adams.  Everyone has their price, right?

[Gas pump image: bargaineering]


  1. Hey! Don't knock the belly dancing!

    A rabidly anti-Costco-ite

    1. Ha! I thought of you when I wrote that!

  2. One day there will be a Costco in my state... I just want to have the CHOICE to go in one... or not.

  3. My mom loves Costco. I think I'd drink that kool-aid too if I had the option.

  4. Did you know the Kool-Aid tastes better when you can buy 100 packets all in once go? Welcome to the club.

  5. We recently drank the kool aid too! What the heck did I do without a handful of "trail mix" (basically M&Ms) every 15 minutes?

  6. ut-oh..... if we did not live an hour away from them I would go back.

  7. We have been executive members since shortly after we bought our first membership. We spend enough to get our entire membership fee back as the 2% rebate. Maybe I spend too much there? Nah!

  8. We don't have a Costco within 200 miles of us . . . maybe more, I don't know. From what relatives and others living near one tell us, it sounds like a savior for us folks watching our pennies (or these days is it $10 bills?). When inflation keeps rising but salaries and retirement incomes don't, it's hard to know when to go for the Kool-Aid. Sigh.

  9. I heard a rumor we might be getting one here. We buy certain things at BJ's, which is also a bulk sort of place, but that's my husband's errand.

  10. One is opening in Green Bay soon and I think I may test that Kool-Aid. You make it sound so good.

  11. Supposedly Costco has the happiest employees. "Larry, I'm supporting good business practices." http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2013-06-06/costco-ceo-craig-jelinek-leads-the-cheapest-happiest-company-in-the-world

  12. I don't think Charlottesville has a Costco, but I've been hearing about the cheap gas at Sam's Club for forever. I've avoided Sam's for various reasons though.

  13. I've been drinking the Kool-aid since 2006. We upgraded to the executive membership when we moved to VA and that puppy paid for itself with the rebate checks. Now that our household has "downsized" we don't get huge rebate checks anymore but I am still glad for the ones I do get -- and that Amex card more than pays for itself.

  14. Every time I go shopping at costco it's like $200 for 10 things. I try to only go in there for party stuff now.



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