Saturday, October 26, 2013

Unprecedented Restraint

I'd like you to know that Auntie Kate has been here for over 24 hours and we have not yet been to Joanne's.  Nor has Larry had any excuse to practice his mad staple-gun skills.

We may even be able to delay that trip to the fabric store one more day, as a well-meaning neighbor sent me this email this evening: 

I have that bag of material that I mentioned at Bunko. It's mostly velvet and Thai silk. There's also some yarn and embroidery thread. You're welcome to it, if you think you can use it.

If you think you can use it?  Is the Pope Catholic?  Is the sky blue?  Is Congress most definitely not earning its keep?

I wonder how early we can go fetch that bag.  7 AM?  No?  How about 7:15?  We could get a little crafting in before church, you know.  Just to take the edge off, as it were...


  1. lol Never say no to craft supplies!

  2. I can hardly wait to see pictures of your creations!

  3. She sounds like a good influence on you.

  4. Rush right over there and claim it! I see a possible crazy quilt in your future.


  6. the Pope Catholic???
    My house suffers from this sort of "donation syndrome"...everyone knows that I like to "make things"... : )