Thursday, October 03, 2013

I'm A Believer

Today?  Is a day of triumph.  A day of rejoicing.  A day, even, of reveling in that all-too-rare feeling of having at least a modicum of control over my own life.

At least, sometimes....
As detailed here before, I am the official tub-drain declogger in this family.  With my mad Rosie the Riveter handywoman skills and my cute pink tool kit, I have figured out how to remove that little cover from the drain hole and pull out the disgusting matted sodden mess of hair and soap bits that is preventing the water from exiting the tub in a timely and graceful manner.  I know!  You envy me.

And, yet, recently, my efforts have not been enough.  Apparently, there are knots of hair somewhere farther down in that pipe that my fingers can't reach.  The upshot being, we've all been showering with our ankles in a couple of inches of water for the past month or so, while my frugal self has struggled with the concept of having to pay a plumber 100 bucks to clear the drain.

Three years, I waited...
Now, I have been a fan of the Flylady since 2002; and I credit Marla Cilly with saving my family from living in utter squalor all these years.  Still, I never quite believed her when she claimed she had a tool that could unclog drains.  I would read the description and the testimonials, and then I would shake my head and move on.  Until this week.  This week, I became desperate enough to bite the bullet and order a Clog Cannon from Flylady's webshop.

It arrived today.  And, to my disappointment, it didn't seem to work.  In fact, things got worse, to the point that the water wasn't draining at all after Susie's shower.  Faced with the prospect of telling Larry that I had messed things up completely AND wasted $25 in the process, I grabbed that Cannon and applied it to the drain again.  And again.  And again.

"What's going on in there?" I heard Larry say from the hall.

"Nothing!  Just cleaning the tub!" I shouted, as I threw all my weight behind that darn device and prayed to Flylady to give me a miracle.  Somewhere around the fifth time, the magic happened.  I heard the drain gurgle (oh, beautiful sound!) as that water slid swiftly, gracefully, to wherever it is that bathtub effluent goes.

I spent the rest of the evening singing "I am Plumber, hear me roar..." and waving my Clog Cannon at Larry, who did not appear to be at all impressed with my fix-it skills.

You know what?  I think he's jealous.

[No one has paid me or given me free merchandise to write this blog post.  I'm a Clog Cannon convert, is all.]


  1. Whoa. That's a fun looking tool! Way to plumb.

  2. I may have you beat in the department of keeping things flowing freely in the home. I am Queen of Unclogging the Toilet in our house. (TMI?) No one can do it as well as I can. Give me an old-fashioned plunger (reserved for this specific job only, I promise) and stand back. Yes, it's a heady, all empowering feeling, isn't it?

  3. As chief maintenance person here, I totally appreciate the thrill that comes from a gurgle of water headed in right direction. Way to stick with it and BLAST that drain!

  4. You need to reward yourself by getting another new, awesome tool - ever heard of the Rabbit wine opener? ;) (And no, they aren't paying me to say that. Just sayin'.)

  5. I salute you! There is nothing as satisfying as unclogging a drain. (Well, maybe there are things as satisfying--and more-- but I am focused on the drains.)

    I shed freely in the shower and have made it my mission to capture every single hair each time. My husband freaks out when I accidentally leave a "mouse" clinging to the shower wall. He gets me back by claiming he discovered a rodent nest whenever he unclogs the drain. Hey, it keeps marriage interesting!

  6. Also, you can try taking a coat hanger, bending a small hook into one end, and use that to get further down the drain than your fingers will reach. I've had great success with that method.

  7. Cleaning drains is so satisfying. We've been lucky with our tub and shower so far, but I'm glad to know about this product for future reference. Back when I was a teenager, my mom taught me how to take about bathroom sink plumbing from underneath, which lets you clean a lot of gunk out.

  8. I just dump a cup or so of baking soda, followed by about the same amount of white vinegar down the drains once a month or so. Usually that works. Otherwise, we only have one shower/tub combo. The plumber added a clean out in the basement right below the tub that I can unscrew, clean out the ick then screw the plug back in. :P

  9. At our house that water goes in to a big fat hole in the ground and a couple of time? I've seen it come back UP the drain. You never ever ever want to see what goes down the drain come back up.

  10. I purchased the clog cannon also and love it. I tried everything else first, but then the cannon. It took about 3 tries in my sink and finally cleared. I was so impressed that I used it on other sinks and tubs just for the fun of it. My daughter's sink was stopped up really bad. My husband used it on her sink. I think he enjoyed using it as much as I did, even though he wouldn't admit it. ;)

  11. Nothing beats Flylady and the Clog Cannon. Way to go,and btw - you are hilarious. I sing things to my husband all the time too. He just doesn't appreciate true talent ;)

    Thanks for sharing. Brought a big smile to my face.

  12. LOVE THE CLOG CANNON!!! a must for every house!! my husband was impressed and loves using it