Saturday, February 01, 2014

Super Bowl Lament

NO ONE has invited us to watch the Super Bowl with them tomorrow.  What am I supposed to do, pay for cable TV myself?  Next thing you know, I'll have to buy my own guacamole, too. 

I think I'm making the wrong sort of friends.  Oh, yeah, I have the let's-watch-Downton buddies and the let's-go-on-knitting-retreats acquaintances; but, apparently, I have neglected to cultivate any friendships with people who actually like televised sports.  Dreadfully shortsighted of me, I must say.  Now I will have to wait until Monday to hear about all the commercials.

That's why we watch the Super Bowl, right?  The expensive commercials?  Which teams are playing, anyway? 

I BENT these. They are made of METAL.
Anywhoo, I'm not going to be sitting around like Cinderella pining to go to the ball.  It's not like I don't have plans for tomorrow already.  I mean, I have to dash to the local yarn shop (LYS, for us insiders), due to another knitting emergency involving indestructible needles that I have somehow managed to bend; I have a 2-hour yoga workshop to attend, in my ongoing effort not to become a cripple at the age of 50; and, for some reason, my family expects me to make them some dinner (see above re not being invited anywhere). 

I do hope my kids realize that, if this intensive yoga regimen doesn't work, I'm not going to be able to stand up long enough to make them dinner anymore, anyway.  Aren't ages 8, 11, and 13 old enough to start fending for oneself?  The girls do happen to be very excited that they have learned to make scrambled eggs in the microwave.  Brian will even whip up a pan of brownies (from a mix), so long as he can convince his siblings to do the clean-up. And David can cook, when he's not making up lame excuses like "Calculus" and "College Chemistry" to get out of kitchen duty.  He's so self-centered these days...

Personally, I could be happy for the rest of my life eating Greek yogurt with homemade granola for dinner.  You?

[Knitting needles image: The Natural Stitches Newsletter]


  1. My friend and I are going out to lunch while the boys go watch a game somewhere. Sounds more fun than trying to make new friends with people.

  2. Come to my house, my 13 year old has invited everyone he knows to come over and is expecting lots of food. 13 year old boys eat a lot!

  3. We've been invited somewhere, but aren't sure we want to go. A super bowl party isn't one where you can put in an appearance and leave if you get bored. You're pretty much committed to staying until the end. I am making an Alice Waters whole wheat pasta with kale regardless of whether we go or not.

  4. Could be worse… we were invited to one, wanted to go, had even bought food… but it's snowing and we can't get out of our neighborhood (we live in a valley). On top of that, my girl is at the hostess' house because we set up a sleepover with the intent to get our girl when we came over for the Super Bowl. So now I'm making Chex Mix and meatball bubble biscuits for three and wondering how I'm going to get to see my girl this week, because it's supposed to snow through Tuesday. This could get interesting...

  5. We hate football (even my husband). But we like funny commercials so we might try to watch it. I even splurged and bought a bag of Doritos.
    I'll be making my trek to the fancy yarn shop and fancy fabric store tomorrow.

  6. i realized I have a shortage of friends willing to play laser tag. You're not the only shortsighted one!

  7. As proper Washingtonians (the Pacific NW kind, that is), we hosted a Super Bowl party at our home because we have 1) a large living room, 2) a TV, and 3) an antenna attached to the side of the house where the previous owners had a satellite dish. That's good enough to get the network blasting the game to our house. It was also good enough to get the rest of the family to clean the house!

  8. I could and often do have that for dinner!