Friday, May 16, 2014

Fit Friends Are Dangerous

Over 3 inches of rain in less than 12 hours here.  At one point, it sounded as though someone was simply dumping buckets of water outside our windows. As there were no tornado warnings, we were able to sleep (or at least doze) through most of it; and now? Bright, bright sun, a washed-clean blue sky - I feel like one of those creatures stepping off the ark into a new world.

Well, except for the mud - I hate mud.

An overachieving rhododendron
Otherwise, things are springtime gorgeous here (see picture to left for proof - that is one of the few plants in our yard that I have not managed to murder).  Brian is packing up for a Boy Scout bike trip (and, yes, he did wait until yesterday to inform me he needed both a headlight and a tail light for his bicycle, and oh yeah, he's the grubmaster for his Scout Patrol, so we had to go food shopping, etc., etc.); I'm getting ready for a trip home this weekend to see my brother's remodel of my parents' 1960s-era kitchen and to visit some old friends; Susie is moping because I took her brother out to lunch without her (sometimes that poor boy just needs a break from sisters, you know?); and David is - at least in theory - studying for his SATs.  Really, he could be hacking into NORAD and I wouldn't know it.  Ah, ignorance is bliss!

I biked 12 miles yesterday and thought I would die.  So, really, the 58 miles I signed up for via Tour de Cure should be NO PROBLEM, right?  Only, my sadistic physical trainer of a friend has just informed me that it is really 68 miles - we must have read it wrong the first time.

68 miles - that's just stupid already.  I mean, isn't that what cars were invented for?

If anyone wants to sponsor me in this madness (and help fund diabetes research, which happens to be the real point of all this, not just helping me kill myself), email me (my email address is on my Blogger profile page - link over there in the right sidebar somewhere).  Or, just pray that I make it through this alive - that would be helpful, too.


  1. I think rhododendrons are the sado-masochists of the plant world- they seem to thrive on extreme pruning. Which I totally need to do to the ones at the side of my house- they're threaten to block the light out of the second-floor windows....

    Your bike travails remind me of the day I dropped by to visit my folks, and they suggested we take a nice little bike ride while I was there. The nice ride was 41 miles, with a mountain in the middle ("It's such a nice place for a picnic, dear."). Lesson for the day- age differences matter less than bike differences when your parents are on long-distance road bikes, and yours is a mountain bike. Let's just say I got a real road bike before I went out with them again!

    1. I think I'm figuring that out. Guess who was just at the bike store today? Guess who is buying her daughter a much-needed bike but is planning to steal it for a few weeks?

  2. Have fun! I avoid exercise when ever possible. I should lose 30 pounds, but don't have the desire to do so.

  3. That wonderful rain flooded some of the businesses and houses next to Happy Creek here in Front Royal. We ended up with around 2 inches of water in our unfinished basement. I discovered this when I went down to the basement Friday afternoon to get a cooler to take with us on our Brownie's troop to Dutch Wonderland in Lancaster PA last weekend. Thank goodness for shop vacs! Suck up water, carry upstairs to dump down laundry sink, repeat for about 20 5 gallon buckets and most of the water was gone. The dehumidifier took care of the rest.

  4. We did 40 something a few weeks ago and I screamed cuss words into the wind the last 5 or so.