Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Put A Little Love In Your Heart

Do a lot of good for only $25 - join Glennon's Love Flash Mob over at Momastery today! You can help send a mom with cancer to the beach with her family for a week, which - as I've stated before - is an awesome idea I wouldn't have thought of myself. I'm all "Oh, help with the laundry, help with the meals," while Glennon goes directly for "Help her have some FUN!"

So, once again, I am playing plain, sensible Velma to Glennon's fun Daphne and urging you to join lots of other people in making some lives a little brighter.  Go ahead - it feels good.  And it's a lot more rewarding than getting the laundry done (again).

[Update:  We made our goal of helping five different families with the challenges they are facing. Thanks to all who participated!]

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