Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Let No Man Put Asunder

Remember the bats?  Well, the guys came back, and then they came back again; and finally they declared us bat-free.  Only, for the past couple of weeks, I've been hearing noises in the girls' bedroom wall again.  The front wall this time, near the corner, so I figured it was a mouse.

By the way, you know things have gotten bad when I'm all "Oh, it's just a mouse in the wall.  That's okay."

I did mention it a couple of times to Larry, but Larry has this weird thing where he acts as if I didn't say anything when I talk about rodents or bugs.  Really.  No "Oh, so you think we have mice again?" or "Are you sure it isn't bats?" or even "Maybe you should call the pest guy."  Sometimes I call him on his lack of response and he says, "What's there to say? You're already saying all of it."

No wonder I need my bug boyfriend, right?

So, anyway, Susie was sick for a few nights and slept in our room with me, while Larry stayed healthy by sleeping in her ostensibly germ-free chamber.  It only took 2 nights of this arrangement for him to say to me, for the first time ever, "You need to call that pest guy."

I swear, it felt almost romantic to hear him say it.  Such affirmation! Such unity of purpose!  THIS is what marriage is all about, people.  And just think - it took us only 23 years to get here.


  1. Sweetness!
    We live where all is questioned, at all times.
    Mine was giving the husband of the year award for not telling me he stepped on a snake at 3 am.
    New doors seem to have helped.
    One day I will write my tell all about my creatures great and small.

  2. Haha, better late than never ;)

  3. Hah, a little scrabbling where the guy can hear it and suddenly it's real. Mark this day on your calendar!

  4. haha too funny! When we had a bat circling the house my husband quickly fixed the hole in the closet we had at the time. Before that I had asked him 1000 times to fix it.

  5. This had me laughing out loud!