Monday, March 02, 2015

Be It Hereby Resolved - March

I CANNOT BELIEVE that the slowest part of the year is already over.  As far as I'm concerned, we're about 3 days away from Christmas, the way time flies around here.

Remember February?  You know, when I was a full month younger and more optimistic and rashly resolved to go to bed at 11 (ish), do my 10 minutes of Kathy Smith core exercises each day (except yoga class days), and eat something green (that, uh, HASN'T gone bad) each day, also?

We aim high around here, don't we?

My new BFF
People, I ended up dubbing February the Month of the Costco Kale Salad.  I ate a lot of that stuff, folks. A LOT.  With buttered broccoli thrown in here and there, for variety.  I feel very healthy.  RIDICULOUSLY healthy. So I will try to keep that up for March.  Even though my jaw hurts from chewing.

 I slipped quite a bit on the bedtime thing this month, but I still got more sleep than when I wasn't aiming for 11 at all (meaning, I was no longer pretending that, hey, it's already midnight, so it won't make any difference if I go to bed at 1 or 1:30 or 2), so I'll try to keep that one up, also. And I missed only 3 days of Kathy Smith, which is way better than last year - last year, I told myself I was doing the exercises every day, but I was actually missing at least 15 days each month.

You know, I am noticing here that I have an amazing capacity for self deception.

Should I even add anything for March? Seriously, I can't think of anything else healthy to do.  I mean, anything reasonable...there's no way I am going to vow to start lifting weights or cleaning my house or anything.  I'm so over the housekeeping thing.  In fact, I'm just waiting until enough kids move out so that Larry and I can downsize to an easy-to-maintain 2-bedroom condo.  Think about it - no laundry room piled with stuff that belongs in a garage, no closets filled with paper-towel-tube airplanes, no basement that acts as a handy repository for ALL THE JUNK Larry doesn't want to get rid of...just 2 bedrooms and a den, enough space for me and my yarn (okay, and Larry, too), plus any grandkids that might want to visit.

But that isn't happening in March 2015 - I accept that.

I have been slacking off on my walks, so maybe I'll do an almost-mile walk every day, around the golf course near my house; and if I were to maybe break into a labored trot for small bits of it? Well, that would be an extra feather in my cap, as it were.

Walking - I can do that.  I think.


  1. "I'm just waiting until enough kids move out so that Larry and I can downsize to an easy-to-maintain 2-bedroom condo."

    YES. YES. YES.

  2. I swear you and I were separated at birth. I spent at least an hour this week searching for condos online. For us this won't happen for quite some time, but it was fun to look at imagine a nice condo with no outside maintenance and *hopefully* less junk.

  3. Um. I'm sensing a possible wrinkle here. Is there going to be room in your two-bedroom condo for "ALL THE JUNK Larry doesn't want to get rid of"?

    1. Of course not. I will wave my magic wand (aka Junk Army) and make it all disappear before the move. But first I need to take care of all those defunct computer parts taking up space in David's walk-in closet.

  4. I tried very hard during February to add store-bought "coleslaw mix" (just the raw cabbage, shredded) to my daily lunch salad, but I just couldn't get into it. So bravo to you for keeping up with the chawing on kale thing!

    I myself am looking forward to downsizing our car. But my husband refuses to get rid of the minivan, even though he's not the one who has to drive it, and it continues to make strange noises.

    I am going now to read about paper towel tube airplanes.

    1. Also? Oatmeal container spaceships. David was a very creative young man. He's still creative, but he's moved on to more expensive materials.

  5. Hahahaha....sorry. The "I'm just waiting until enough kids move out so that Larry and I can downsize to an easy-to-maintain 2-bedroom condo...." We are currently in a two bedroom condo while we search for our next house. We got rid of just about everything. Guess who keeps piling stuff up around here? I'll give you a's not me.

  6. I love those mixes--I like to saute it and add to pasta. I never thought I would be a runner, but lack of time has done it. I actually *gasp* enjoy it.