Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Bargaining Points

Still haven't found that darn mouse, in case you are wondering. Larry theorizes that it went under the kitchen cabinets to die. I might just demand a whole new kitchen at this point.

In the meantime, that horrid event known as Daylight Saving Time happened. I've been getting up an hour late ever since because why not? It's not as if I'm ruining my illustrious career as a stay-at-home mom and unpaid blogger to do so.

So the problem, actually, is my crappy cheap phone. I noticed midday Sunday that it hadn't automatically reset. So I figured out (okay, someone helped me, but I was the one who pushed all  the buttons) how to move the clock on my phone ahead one hour, and then I forgot all about it. Until a couple of hours later, when this message popped up on my phone screen: Time change detected. Reset your phone? with a Yes and a No option.

Well, that would have been helpful, several hours ago, I thought, and pressed No.

A few hours later it happened again.  And then again. And again. In fact, it's still doing it.

So, what now? Do I move my clock back one hour and wait for the offer to reappear? Will that make it stop? But what if I move the clock back and then the offer doesn't show up again? What if it has already given up? How will I know whether or not it is going to reappear? How long do I wait?

This is the sort of thoughts that plague me, as I go about my uneventful, humdrum days. And I wonder, what do busy people do? How do they have time to figure out their phones, and Daylight Saving, and the intersection thereof? Does Hillary Clinton have an assistant for this sort of thing? Does that Lean In chick hire someone to take care of her clocks so she has more time to, you know, lean in?

Or maybe successful women pay more than, say, $40 for their cellphones. Yeah, that might be it. I wonder, is a dead mouse under the kitchen cabinets a good spousal negotiating point for a cellphone upgrade? Because I doubt I am going to get that new kitchen...


  1. I always dither about changing the time on my car's clock until it gets close to the next time change, and at that point who cares....

  2. When our kmart closed, I bought hubby an LG smart phone for $40. It is still a Tracfone, but he can use wireless to browser the internet, check email, etc. If only I hadn't installed the netflix app. %)

  3. #*$&# time change.

    I think I had better go back in my cave for another few days.

    I think the mouse is an excellent bargaining point. Go for it. I did not think I would like a smart phone, but I have had one for a little while and I like it. On the other hand, if I thought that I could have gotten a new kitchen, I might have kept the old phone.

  4. I have a cheap pay-as-you-go Android phone and even though I set the time forward an hour the texts people sent to me were back-dated. I had to turn my phone on and off for the texts to come through properly. People with iPhones are probably shaking their heads in pity right about now.

  5. I struggled with the lack of daylight in the morning, totally wrecks me this week. And not finding the mouse and not smelling the mouse, well, one does wonder ...

  6. I am still freaked out about your mouse. Until there is proof that he (she?) has vacated the premises, you have every right to freak out about anything and everything.
    My cheap flip phone knew about the time change but I have no idea if the clock in my minivan has been changed or not. I solved the whole "spring ahead" problem by going on a scrapbooking retreat, where I was too tired to notice if I slept or not.