Friday, March 06, 2015

In Which I Live Another Day

Okay, this cold is officially beating me.  Forget those March resolutions to take walks and do core exercises, I'm winded just from walking up the stairs.  To make it worse, I'll get these brief bursts of energy and think that I am capable, say, of shoveling the front walk, only to crawl back inside after 15 minutes and lie on the couch for an hour.  Fun.

And, yes, I AM aware that this is the third day in a row of complaining about my tiny little cold. That's because this is the third day in a row of its kicking my butt.  And, lest you are getting the impression that the only person I think about lately is my own self, I'll have you know I shared the remains of my homemade matzo ball soup with a neighbor who is getting over the flu.  I'm a gosh-darned saint, I tell you, feeding the sick with my own dying hands.

I bought these, too.  We're besties right now.
I drove to the grocery store today, because we had 6 ripe avocados and NO GARLIC, and - as I am sure you know - ripe avocados wait for no man.  The roads and parking lots were horrendous. Slush 6 inches deep, puddles even's a miracle I got back home to my starving children and their almost-guacamole.

I just found out that the time change is coming up this weekend. Lord help us, how are we supposed to spring forward when we are being deprived of an hour's sleep?  It's more like stagger forward, around here. The only thing good about moving the clocks is the fun Daylight Savings Time video I posted on this blog's Facebook page. Check it out. And, if it doesn't go against any Facebook principles you may hold dear, click to "Like" the page, so you don't miss anything.  I mean, because it is just so happenin' over there...

[Kleenex image: The Tissue Box Cover Store]


  1. Almost-guacamole is an emergency befitting a trip to the store.

  2. I hate it when time goes through the change.

  3. I'm with you all on the time change thing. The Springing Forward event is enough to make me crawl back in my cave.

  4. Yes, near-guacamole is an EVENT; an event worthy of going to the store - sick or not.

    And yeah....this whole time change thing? My mind cannot comprehend the math that is involved. All I know is that, the older I get, the more it screws with my mind!