Monday, April 06, 2015

Color Me Crazy

See that picture up there? It's the sort of thing that makes divorce lawyers rich.  How fortunate that we can't afford one, considering we've spent all our remaining money on paint samples and handyman services. I have invited all my neighbors in to look at our paint stripes, and everyone has offered a different opinion.  I posted the stripes on Facebook, where I got MORE opinions.


Larry wants gray.  I don't, because only a narrow door frame will divide a gray wall from the Lenox Tan wall that will be in the front hall.  They don't look good next to each other.

Plus, I'm menopausal and I DON'T WANT GRAY.

Larry voted for cranberry.  But it looks too purple.  Besides, one of my neighbors said it was an old lady color. Did I mention I am menopausal? No cranberry.

I voted to paint the whole kitchen Lenox Tan, to match the fabulous color we already have in the living/dining room and the front hall. FABULOUS. It would set off the black counters nicely, too.  Larry, however, is vehemently opposed to this idea.

Can I just say here that this is why prenuptial counseling is so important? Did we even once, as starry-eyed young things, ever consider our personal painting preferences and how they would mesh?  I think not.  And now here we are, almost a quarter century into this adventure called marriage, face to face with the fact that we are not paint-compatible.

Does this say "compatible" to you? Or "crazy"?

Our handyman comes in every morning, sees the fresh stripes painted on the wall, and just shakes his head.  We may just have to live this way for another 6 months, because he is getting sick of our indecision and will move on to another job next week, unless we can get our act together.

So! Color suggestions, anyone? Floor and backsplash tiles are varying shades of gray, cabinets are white, counters black granite. I am allergic to powder blue. Larry will not countenance a green kitchen (trauma from the 70's).  Other than that, we are open to ideas.  Go!


  1. We had a dark gray wall next to a Lenox tan type of color, and it looked quite good. The other colors in the house were a grayed blue green - not powder blue at all.

    Of the colors you show above I like the rusty red (more orange than cranberry). Or you could paint it gray but with some large artwork you could really break it up and make it what you want.

    Google "tan gray color scheme" and there are some nice combinations.

  2. That picture made me laugh so hard! I don't think I can help you, though. I never take more than 15 minutes to pick a paint color. And I don't ask for opinions, including my husband's. At this point in your paint-picking process, I think you can figure out why. Good luck!

  3. We just did a gray kitchen in another house.
    It's fantastic, let's the other things pop off the wall and gives the whole space a light feel. I swore off gray years ago.
    Who knows why. We tried every color know to man before just going with this now, it's perfect.

  4. And this is why I had eight pints of greyish greenish blue that I eventually just combined to Paint my stairwell. I like the Aqua that's on the ladder and the paint can. And yellow often looks nice with grey.

  5. We painted our bedroom a very light grey a year and a half a go and I'm still in love with it! So much so that I want to paint every single wall in our house grey. I have not told my husband this yet....

  6. I'd probably go for an orangy yellow or rust color. But I like fall colors. Also I'd go lighter if the room is small and/or there's a lot of wall space. Dark colors make a room look smaller.

  7. I agree with RobinH----orangy yellow. Probably because I have that on my kitchen walls and I'd hate to disagree with myself.

  8. A orangy yellow would look great! Or a chilli pepper color on that wall then paint the other walls a grey color, just have an accent wall.

  9. I'm menopausal and I love gray. Not what you wanted to hear, but that's why I'd go with a light gray. I think it will look great near the Lenox Tan.
    No cranberry, please.

  10. White! White! Whitewhitewhite!!! And then paint your stools and shelves any bright color you want and flop wild-colored rungs on the floor and hang bold curtains at the window and you will never look back. Classy white sets the stage for ANYTHING.

  11. Home Depot, Home Decorator's Collection, "Desert Coral." Love this soft, orangey/red SO much! There were new paint chips at HD, they re-did the section. Husband had to DRAG me away.

  12. Tan goes with everything,I would fight for that.

  13. Try thinking outside the paint can and consider wallpaper, tile, or paneling. Then again, that would give you more to argue about (shape, texture, design, etc.) besides color. For the record, I would choose the color just to the upper left of the red bowling pin looking thing - if those are the only choices, otherwise some sort of soft yellow is good for a kitchen; makes it cheery.

  14. Your blog made me laugh! I have a running battle with my hubby over colours. The problem is twofold. Firstly, he sees colours differently to me. For example, dark brown is black to him! Secondly, he prefers home decor in grey, black or brown, a little like your hubby. We've ended up compromising on magnolia. It's boring but safe.

    Helene Raymond @ Trade Squad