Thursday, April 23, 2015

Is Flu Season Over Yet?

Well, I think we can rest assured that Larry NEVER reads this blog.  You see, we were crisis cleaning (AGAIN) last weekend because my brother and his girlfriend were coming to visit and all the junk I had moved out of the kitchen was still in the dining room and for some reason there was no longer any place for it in the kitchen and now it is mostly piled up in my bedroom, which is making me weep.

Still working!

Where was I?  Oh, yes, Larry.  Well, we were trying to clean up when Larry held up my prophylactic half-empty bottle of 7UP and said, "Well, we can get rid of this thing, anyway!" The poor man looked rather startled when I yelled, "NO!" as I grabbed it away from him.

Can you believe him?  He almost single-handedly inflicted the plague on us.  Would it kill him to keep up with what is happening around here?

In other news, David managed to get hired at the meth lab.  I'm so proud. He had to fill out tax forms and everything, so I guess it is legit, after all.

Tomorrow is the homeschool prom, and I just realized that Brian possesses neither a blazer nor a dress shirt that fits.  Unlike girls, boys tend not to obsess over prom preparations, so I guess he would have just attended the festivities in his customary jeans and T-shirt if I hadn't noticed in time. I did buy him a Lego bow tie at BrickFair last summer for just this occasion, so he is not altogether unprepared. But now I am stuck trying to shop for a blazer with him at Kohl's tomorrow, even though I don't really know what I am doing (Larry has always taken the boys to shop for formal clothes).

It has GOT to be easier than shopping for dresses with a teen girl, however, right?

[Lego bow tie image: Fashionably Geek]


  1. Keep that bottle of prophylactic 7-up! My husband has a terrible cold.

  2. Whew! That was a close call! And you are right, clearly Larry has not been reading your blog or he would know why he's managed to not be sick lately.
    Boys and special occasions... don't get me started...

  3. If the guys I know are any indication, the guy will grab the first thing offered in a bid to end the shopping experience as soon as possible. So you won't have any trouble finding something he approves of, but keeping him on task long enough to get something *you* approve of may be the issue!

  4. Good luck with the prom! And congratulations on the job--pleased to hear he's legitimately employed!