Friday, April 03, 2015

Easter? Really?

Kitchen/front hallway destruction/construction continues apace.  Pantry is built, just waiting for the doors.  Our neighbors' cast-off cabinets are sitting nearby until they are built into the wall where the hutch used to be. Free cabinets! And they match the ones we already have!

Seriously, it's gonna look great. GREAT.
We've had those cabinets knocking around our family room in the basement for years, where they would occasionally topple over and fall on unsuspecting children (both ours and guests).  I'm glad that we can finally use them and discard the extras and stop worrying about liability issues.

I only fell for one April Fool's joke this year - the one about winning a flight in Space X with George Takei. I told David, thinking he'd want to have a chance at it, and he looked at me in a pitying sort of way, obviously wondering how many years were left before he would have to find me a full time caregiver.

God, I hate April 1st.

I've been informed that today is not only Good Friday, but also the first night of Passover.  I am prepared for neither.  This info also makes me suspect that this Sunday is Easter. Considering the fact that both girls have outgrown everything they own (it's a skill they have), I am in a pretty pickle.  We need to find dress shoes for Sunday Mass, jelly beans for the egg hunt, and if I can scare up a box of matzos somewhere, I'll consider that a bonus.

Also, horseradish.  I love to sniff it. Gotta get some...


  1. Yes, your suspicions are correct...Easter IS on Sunday. Glad to hear I'm not the only one caught out. Luckily I don't have to come up with dress shoes. But I have absolutely nothing for the basket. *sigh*

  2. And, after I hit publish, I realized - not only do I have nothing for the basket...I don't even HAVE a basket!

  3. I'm so thrilled that you have gotten something out of the basement. If only I could be as successful with my closets and garage.

  4. I just finished eating all of our jelly beans and it's only Friday!

    1. Get thee behind me...I was eyeing them last night but managed to restrain myself.

  5. Finished the Good Friday and Easter bulletins, ate yet another dinner at 9pm. I don't have a single jelly bean or chocolate egg. Do you think the kids will notice?

  6. We gutted and rebuilt our kitchen last summer. Ourselves. Every single little nail and whatever. It's a blur. A blurrish nightmare.

  7. I am contemplating an entire redo of our kitchen....should I be having second thoughts????

  8. Yep, Passover, Good Friday, Easter, boom, boom, boom.

    We have two pieces of Easter chocolate in the house, which I have, in a great act of sacrifice, given to my daughter. And I just started the Passover baking.

  9. I fall for those April Fool tricks all the time. Ugh.
    Your in-house project is clicking along--cannot wait to see the final reveal!