Friday, April 10, 2015

Vowels Are Important

David, as a high school senior, is taking his courses at the local community college this year. This is a fine arrangement for me (Yay! I don't have to make him do schoolwork) and also for him (ditto). And, considering that there is a campus shuttle bus that leaves from the train station near our house, I am one happy homeschooling mama with this set-up.

So! Last night David told me he needed to be at the station a couple of hours earlier than usual.

"Sure!" I said. "Why?"

"I'm volunteering for a couple of hours in the meth lab at school," he said.

Meth lab?

NOT what we're sending him to college for

Seeing my puzzled look, David elaborated, "If I do okay, they'll pay me to work there."

"Uh, what will you be doing, exactly?"

"Helping other students, I think..."

"At a METH lab?"

David looked startled. Then, "Oh, no, no - the MATH Lab. Students come for help with MATH."

Oh. Okay, then...

[Meth lab image: NY Daily News]


  1. Hey, when people ask me how I financed college, I tell them that I pushed drugs. Which I did-- on a cart, all around the hospital. (I had a part time job as a clerk in the hospital pharmacy!)

    And good for David, volunteering! (It will be a good prep for the rest of his life, which he will spend explaining math to the less-math-ept. Ask me how I know.)

  2. Ha ha!

    This is great for your son. I am beginning to think that it would be okay for my son, a college student in the sciences, and as yet not employed in any paid job for any part of his life, to work in either a math lab or a meth lab.

  3. Well, he would be on the fast track to a potentially high paying career, assuming he could figure out how to avoid the police!

  4. Ah, MATH. That is a decision I'd endorse, too.

  5. Hahaha! And kudos to him for volunteering. Some of us needed all the help we could get back when we were in, math class.

    1. No kudos required - he is trying to get them to hire him. He wants MONEY.

  6. See, if he'd just said Maths, he could have avoided the confusion.

  7. I've been catching up after a week away and just saw on facebook that my 18yo nephew "liked" a marajuana page (it's legal in our state, for those over 21 years of age). So I totally understand the freaking out over a meth lab volunteer gig! Off to wonder why there isn't a frowny face I can put on someone else's "like"...