Sunday, June 21, 2015

52 Is Just A Number, Right?

Today? Is my birthday.  I do hear tell that there is some other sort of holiday happening today, but I am going to pretend right now that I did not have to share my special day.

Larry did himself proud by finally figuring out that my Amazon wish list titled "Gifts for (Your Wife's Name Here)" exists for a reason.  As a result, I got a pile of books to go along with the pile of chocolate that he and the girls picked out at the local Harris Teeter.

Here's the chocolate (and, yes, that Raisinets box does seem to have been breached):

And here are the books:

You will observe that that is rather an eclectic collection, but that is because I'm an interesting sort of gal.  Alas, all these lovely books will have to wait until I finish reading Amy Poehler's Yes, Please! I found that particular tome at the library the other day and have been enjoying it very much.

I don't know why I keep photographing everything with my Ektorp red couch as the background.  It might be because I can't find another clear surface in the house on which to pose things.  I wonder whether Dorothea Lange or Ansel Adams also experienced this problem.  Alas, making great art is never easy.

David departed for Civil Air Patrol Encampment yesterday (he's on staff), and Rachel (a first-year) left today.  I have to say, dropping a girl off for Encampment is different than dropping off a boy.  Boys get out of the car, sling their duffel bags over their shoulders, and head for check-in, after delivering a curt nod of acknowledgement in the general direction of their parents.  Girls, however, cluster together to fix each other's uniforms and jump up and down in excitement and giggle, all of which looks a tad incongruous when said gigglers are wearing military-issue BDU's.  They also hug their parents good-bye with a level of emotion akin to that exhibited by the women and children climbing into life rafts on the Titanic.

It's really cute - trust me.

Larry's waiting for me to watch MadMen with him - I think we are halfway through the first season. I know! We're a little behind (well, 7 years behind, actually, but who's counting?).  Don't spoil anything for us, okay?


  1. Happy birthday!
    So does this mean you are down to only 2 kids in the house this week? Good thing you have books to read so you don't get bored with all that free time!

  2. Happy birthday! Enjoy your books and chocolate!

  3. I could picture the drop off off your daughter exactly. When we drop our kids off for camp, it is exactly as you describe, both boys and girls. So. Much. Hugging. It is cute.

  4. I hope you had a grand birthday!!!

  5. My husband refuses to watch Mad Men. The men make him too mad.

    1. I don't think Larry is too thrilled with it, either. Maybe we'll try Parks and Rec instead?

  6. It needs to be called Mad AT Men. The women make me kind of mad, too, but the men are mostly incorrigible. It is good, but not cheerful. Be warned! I haven't had the time to finish the series yet. Got waylaid by The Good Wife, (which I am ADORING) Also the new seasons of Last Tango in Halifax and Orange is the New Black, Oh, and happy birthday!

  7. Happy Birthday you young woman you!

  8. Happy, happy (belated) birthday! Hmmm, I may have to hack into my husband's account and set up a wish list....

  9. Happy birthday! I love your stack o' books. I loved those Shirley Jackson books (but would never be able to read her other stuff).

    I think you photograph items on your red couch because it is a most pleasing shade of red and you want to share it with us.

    I have not ever watched "Mad Men", and judging from the comments, I think I should avoid it. Together, my husband and I watched "Call the Midwife" (which we called "the pregnancy show") and when we finished those, we started on "The Gilmore Girls" which is keeping us well entertained.

    When I first typed "Mad Men" it came out "Med Men" which I am thinking should be a show, featured good-looking Mediterranean men, doing whatever that type of man does.

  10. I think I missed your birthday because of another birthday. Almond Roca and reading--that's an unbeatable combo. Happy belated!

  11. AnonymousJune 30, 2015

    Happy belated birthday! You got a great stash of reads and eats--good for Larry to figure out how to pamper you!