Monday, June 08, 2015

I Love My Bed

This looks like how we felt the last 8 miles
On Sunday, my fit friend made me bike the Tour de Cure with her again.  That's 56 miles, people. And we weren't nearly as prepared as last year. Toward the end, she said, "Okay, I can tell I'm looking tired. People keep biking past me and saying, 'Doing great! Keep it up!"  3 miles later, she said, "I must look really bad now. Now they're asking, 'Are you all right?'"

I was barely hanging in there myself.  Another rider pedaled passed me with a radio/speaker on her handlebars, blasting out "Shut Up And Dance." The music might have helped, if I hadn't almost killed myself trying to keep up with her so I could hear it.

But my friend and I managed to ride past the finish line, tall in the saddle and smiling, so I call that a win. And then I went home, showered (because not only was I sweaty, but also I managed to pee on my own pants while trying to hover over the seat of a port-a-potty at one of the rest stops), and (finally) lay flat on my back on my beautiful bed, in my beautiful bedroom, for the first time since I had returned from my girlfriend trip to Maine.

For those of you keeping track, that translates into a full week that I was sleeping on our couch.  I decided to ignore Larry, who was hinting around all evening that I should thank him because he put the furniture back in the bedroom - you know, the same bedroom that he insisted on dismantling against my wishes while I was gone.

People, that would be like my slashing Larry's car tires and then waiting to hear his expression of gratitude after I got them fixed.

Not my bedroom, but that's the color
Oh, and in case you were wondering, that bedroom paint color I essentially had to select at gunpoint? It ended up being chosen (after I did my usual stripe-painting) by our handyman.  Is anyone surprised by that? You shouldn't be.  So now I have a master bedroom painted in Benjamin Moore's Kittery Point Green, even though my original plan had been to cover the walls in Revenge Purple, just to bother my DIY-obsessed spouse.

Whaddaya mean, Revenge Purple isn't a real paint color? It should be.

[Tired cyclist image: Free Coloring Sheets]
[Bedroom image: Photobucket]


  1. Perhaps you should get new bed linens in "revenge purple." I bet they would look great with those green walls!

  2. When I saw that photo, I was about to say,"if Larry made the room look like that, I'd forgive him for tearing the room apart." After reading the caption, I'm gonna go with Karen. Revenge purple bed linens...maybe even curtains, would look lovely. :)

  3. That color looks peaceful and soothing -just what you need after all of Larry's DIY!

  4. Glad to hear that the confusion is nearly done. What else is there for Larry to tear apart, or has he finally run out of projects?

    And.. my parents live in Kittery Point (it's a town in Maine). I didn't know there was a color named after it! Very pretty!

    1. He's got the entire walk-out basement plus guest room, but he has to wait until next year, at least. This stuff gets expensive!

  5. Love that green paint color. Your handyman is a keeper. Glad you survived your long ride.

  6. That's a great color. I can say that, because it is very close to our own bedroom's paint color. Great handyman!

    You went on a FIFTY-SIX MILE BIKE RIDE?! I am giving you a standing ovation.

    1. I didn't know I could receive a standing ovation for idiocy, but I'll take it.

  7. Wow. You have been committed to your activities so much that you were stuck with sleeping in the couch. You have coped very excellently, though. But it's about time that you seize your bed and have a good night sleep there. Take care!

    Dante Storey @ Healthy Bed Store