Saturday, June 27, 2015

A Week Full Of Rainbows

Having only 2 kids at home made this week feel like a vacation. It helped that it was only one girl and one boy - that way, I got 8 days off from Rachel sniping at Susie in her You are the stupidest person on earth voice.  I also got 8 days off from saying to Rachel, "If you can't say it nicely, SHUT UP."

And I wonder where she gets it from, huh?

My neighbor hired one of these. I love her.
Adding to the vacation feel was that I inadvertently mooched off our neighbor's nanny - she took Susie to the park once and the pool twice, which was a total win for me and my housecleaning ambitions.  I actually managed to hang up all the pictures, etc., that have been lying around since Larry tore the walls out of the living room in February. Then I went through some bins of extra STUFF that have been floating all over the upstairs since Larry tore the girls' room apart last September. And I even sorted through some of the flotsam and jetsam in David's room, in preparation for when Larry tears the walls out in there (once David leaves for college in August).

Are we seeing a pattern here?  I think so.  It is called, "Larry makes a mess and then I clean it up."  I am not sure whether or not that is a healthy marriage dynamic, but that's what we've got.

I also made it to the pool 3 times with Susie myself, so I'm not being a slacker.  I make myself swim 8 laps (1/4 mile) each time we go, because I like to imagine that doing the breast stroke is going to tone my upper arms.  We all have our dreams, you know.

Brian was forced to do Algebra and end-of-year standardized testing and extra dishes and laundry (see missing siblings, above), so he is extremely eager to escape tomorrow for the relative ease of Boy Scout camp.

And, of course, like most of you, I wasted a goodly amount of time on the Internet, reading Supreme Court opinions and enjoying silly memes involving - among other things - Obama holding a bald eagle and knocking on your door and saying...well, just look it up yourselves - this is a G-rated blog, after all.  It was a fun Internet week, is all I'm saying, okay?

A job? For ME?!

Oh, and yesterday I had an honest-to-God interview for an editing job.  Unfortunately, I won't know until December or January if I actually get the position, so it's a good thing we're not starving, I guess.  I was just so excited - after 2 years of sending my resume out into the ethernet, as it were, and receiving nary a response - to finally receive a response.  I felt like Tinkerbell in Peter Pan - you know, when she revives because everyone claps to show her that they believe in fairies?

Come to think of it, judging from the pictures and excited Facebook comments yesterday, all my gay-married* friends felt that way, too...and all because 5 Justices clapped for them. But, truly, that number should have been 6, Mr. Chief Justice - now what am I supposed to do with that Team Roberts T-shirt I bought on Thursday?

Where is everyone getting all the pretty colored lights, anyway?

*No longer a valid phrase, I KNOW


  1. May the messes you've cleaned up STAY cleaned up!
    My youngest son has been invited to accompany other families. I'm not sure if he is just good company for their sons of like age, or if he balances out their family dynamics. Either way, I'll happily send him off to the pool or the beach! (Now if only someone would take *me* to those places...)

  2. Isn't it just wonderful news!

    Glad you're getting cleaned up and organized. Nothing like it to give a satisfied feeling.

  3. Yes, the internet is all agog and swathed in rainbows. It has been a pretty astounding and encouraging week, Supreme-Court-wise.

    I hope that I can catch some of your enthusiasm for cleaning up, because we desperately need it around here.

  4. AnonymousJune 28, 2015

    Ugh. I just got home from Baltimore and am on day two of picking up after everyone here. Sheesh.
    But the political accomplishments of the week do please me, too.
    And a job! I hope you get it and it is sprinkled with fairy dust awesomeness!