Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Putting Santa In His Place

You know, as jaded a parent as I am, I have managed to take the kids to the pool 4 days in a row. That's 4 times I have endured the humiliation intrinsic to wearing my swimsuit in public, just so my girls could have fun.  I would like an award, thank you.

I am still attempting to reconstruct my bedroom closet.  Larry emptied it so he could tear the walls out, and then the handyman put up new walls and painted and installed some rods and organizers and extra shelves and I had a good, oh, 2 hours of looking at the empty closet and envisioning how beautiful it would be, once I put everything in there properly. But then I went out, and Larry - thinking he was helping - took all the bins he had shoved closet stuff into and piled those bins in the closet.  He also took a bunch of boxes and stuffed them onto the high shelves.  I could have wept. Really.

So the other day I took most of the things out AGAIN and have slowly been sorting and deciding where things go.  Now the bedroom is a mess, with half-empty Rubbermaid bins scattered all over the place.  But hey, the closet looks great!  I've decided that we will NO LONGER use it as a catch-all area for items that have no home.  I'll use David's closet for that, if he would just hurry up and go to college already.

No rush, David! Kidding! Ignore those empty suitcases I just piled in your bedroom!

Yup, we have the cookie jar, too.
In other news, I finally managed to get the last bin of holiday items put up in the attic - you know, things like the Santa salt and pepper shakers and the Santa matroshka doll and the Santa towels from the powder room. They've been floating around the upstairs in a laundry basket for months, along with the Santa cocktail napkins from our New Year's party, because we didn't notice them before we put all the official holiday storage bins away last January.

This is normal, right?  I wouldn't know, since I was raised Jewish.  All we had to put away was the electric menorah, which we kept in the upstairs linen closet.  I guess we weren't very festive, actually.

And...that's all I've got today, folks.  Maybe tomorrow I will talk about the injustice that is having to share my birthday with Father's Day, but not today.  Today I will just sit here and revel in my newly Santa-free home.  I think I've earned it.

[Cookie jar image: Cracker Barrel]


  1. We always end up with one or two Christmas things that don't make it into the boxes in January and they just float around being festive until the boxes reappear in December. We could call it a tradition, but it's probably more of an accidental rut.

  2. Our mat at the front door has Christmas trees on it. Two Christmases ago we put it out. When we put the Christmas stuff away, we forgot about it. And once we realized it...hey, who doesn't like a wee bit of Christmas cheer all year long?

    I would do something horrible to my husband if he shoved everything into the new closet. That was just mean. (Hilarious little bit about David going to college.)

  3. I don't do much holiday decorating, but there is always, ALWAYS one item that doesn't make it back into the attic.

  4. I suspect if I looked closely, I would find holiday decor hiding somewhere in plain view... oh, crap. I just found it. The table runner on the buffet is still out. (In my defense, it was turned to the red-only side for Valentine's Day, but it is now covered with dust and the various papers and books that the 22yo has piled up.) (Okay, that's really no defense at all. I'm totally incapable of putting away the holidays before the 4th of July.)

    Also, Larry? Larry, Larry, Larry.... *sigh*

  5. There is always SOMETHING that refuses to get into the holiday bins. It's fate, I'm pretty sure!

  6. I keep finding Christmas stockings in the laundry along with parts of Halloween costumes. I thought I had taken all of them back to the attic. ;)

  7. AnonymousJune 17, 2015

    This is exactly why I should decorate for the holidays with only a single wreath. I always find some random ornament lying about ages after Christmas has passed. You make me feel more normal!

  8. Apparently, I have found my people. Yes, we always find something after everything's been put away. I usually tuck it away somewhere and make a mental note where to find it next year. And, as I'm sure you've already guessed, I end up forgetting all about it until I find again....after the holidays are over.

  9. I solved this one by not getting any of the Christmas stuff out last year. It's a winner, I'm telling you. Laziness and procrastination for the win!

  10. I have a bag of Christmas crap that I come across every so often. Maybe eventually it will make it to the right box. Also my husband took over the storage shed so now I have to step over engine parts to get to my unorganized stack of boxes.