Friday, April 01, 2016


I'm still alive. We're just headed into that marriage-testing vortex known as Mulch Weekend, so time to blog has been scarce. I'm seeing Sign-Up Genius web pages in my sleep. But hey - we won't be having to take cold showers this year, so that's a plus!

Click on that last link - it's a good one.

As per usual, I am avoiding the Internet today, anyway - April Fool's Day has never been my favorite holiday, maybe because I'm gullible as heck. So there's a plus to having to do mulch this weekend. It doesn't make up for my having to miss out on an epic yarn crawl with my knitting posse, but it's something.

This just doesn't scream "FUNNY!" to me.

Does anyone say "posse" anymore? Probably not. I'm being antiquarian today, apparently.


  1. I think it's only a posse if you're wearing a cowboy hat and headed out on horseback to chase down some of them gol-durned cattle rustlers.

    And yeah. April fools' isn't a fave of mine either. Good luck with the mulch!

  2. You have to use the April Fool to your advantage. So when my boss told me that the guy who said he was joining us on April 29, had moved that up to April 1, and the guy who no one knew when he was joining, said he was joining April 1, [which means I would have to do a bunch of work in less than 2 days while traveling for work] I just said "I'm not falling for this - it's obviously an April Fool joke by you.I'm not scrambling to get this done by Friday, just to have you say 'April Fool.'"
    But then I had to get it done in 2 days while traveling anyway. It's such a fun day - April F-f-f-fool.
    "But there's no better glory, when it all harried, to be laughing, in the midst of it all."