Wednesday, April 06, 2016


Not good enough around here
Whoops, missed a day here, because my neighbor who apparently spends her ENTIRE DAY walking invited me to her workweek FitBit challenge. Sure, I thought, I walk a lot. I can do this. Apparently not, as she is now 10,000 steps ahead of me, and I have only 2 days to catch up.

Seriously, people - I walked the girls to a book sale at the school today, I walked to Michael's with Susie, and THEN I walked to the grocery store. After that, I ran up and down the stairs, cleaning the house for our history class tomorrow. Yet I am still behind on steps. I think maybe my neighbor is handing her FitBit to her 5-year-old son, feeding him some sugar, and sending him out to play.

In other news, my marriage breathed a sigh of relief as Mulch Weekend came to an end. Finally, Larry and I could talk to each other again without the "M" word coming up! Maybe we could go see a movie, even, or take a walk together. It was a wonderful 2 days, and then Larry told me that he has to go to London at the end of the month for his new job. He tried to make it sound as though it were a real inconvenience for him, too. I stopped talking to him anyway.

LONDON. I hear it's nice. But, hey, I see it all the time in Dr. Who episodes, so I'm good.

So now it is 11 PM and I am considering going outside and walking around and around our neighborhood, just to gain 2000 steps or so. If you had asked me a couple of weeks ago, I would have claimed that I was not the competitive type. Apparently, I would have been wrong.


  1. The tyranny of the fitbit. My employer created a "fitness challenge" (I call it the "get the fatties moving campaign") in which every employee was invited to accept a free fitbit. The catch is, you have to sync it with an employer-run website so they can track how much we exercise. The reward for giving up your privacy is a $100 bonus (taxed) in a future paycheck.

  2. Just a thought: I have heard that the motion of knitting cause the counter to add steps. Are you a knitter?

    1. Yes! But I don't have the wristband type of Fitbit. I will ask around at my knitting group, though - someone must have one.

  3. Surely doing Mulch Weekend has earned you something extra on the fitbit front! I'm glad to hear you made it through that ordeal.

  4. My students were telling me the other day about how their parents compete with FitBits. One wrapped the band around the dog's paw and played catch with it. Another asked his son to wear it around his ankle during a soccer game. My favorite was the dad who drank a beer while the fitbit was wrapped around an impact screwdriver. Yeah, I am not making that up. I laugh because D has one, he's super competitive and he has taken to PACING around the house at night to get his steps in.

  5. I was going to suggest strapping it to a dog.