Saturday, April 23, 2016

Sweets For The Sweet

Tonight I went up to Baltimore to see its Listen To Your Mother show. I also got to meet Ann Imig (the founder of the whole LTYM phenomenon) in person, because she happened to be there, too. So, yes, that's me, rubbing shoulders with the (blogging) famous. Next thing you know, I'll be trading recipes with the Pioneer Woman. I mean, it takes some special skill to throw together Costco frozen meatballs and Ragu spaghetti sauce the way I do. Those jars don't just open themselves, you know.

And now we are getting ready for LTYM DC (next week!), and Larry's packing for a business trip to London (next week!), and Brian tells me there is the homeschool prom (next week!), and suddenly I cannot wait for May, when I have absolutely nothing planned - at least, nothing that I can remember.

And yes, "homeschool prom" DOES sound a little weird, like we have a spelling bee instead of music and dancing. But it's actually a pretty normal prom, except nobody gets drunk before or after, which strikes me as a definite plus. And since I have only a teen boy going this year, there really isn't much prep to do. Still, Larry has to chaperone, and then there is the after-party, and then we have the neighborhood clean-up event early the next morning.

So, like I said, May cannot come quickly enough for me. It doesn't hurt that Larry has promised to get my car cleaned, inside and out, which strikes me as the best Mother's Day present ever. Well, that, and some Cadbury fruit-and-nut bars, to be picked up while he is in London, because the British version is WAY better than ours.

The best confection to remedy spousal abandonment...

Got that, Larry? CADBURY.


  1. Why do I feel like he's going to come home with the wrong candy?

  2. There's a Baltimore one? I had no idea. I could have met up with you! This week is the one week we were trying to avoid having my husband travel so of course something came up and he's away. What can you do.

  3. Cleaning the car is the gift my boys have -- in the past -- given me for Mother's Day. I am hoping it happens again.
    I totally understand the concept of a month where nothing is going on (that I know of). I can't even recall why I made an appointment with my primary care provider, but I'm going on Wednesday morning and hopefully I'll have the actual reason on my list of questions.
    But my question for you is, how is the British version different and better than the American version of the Cadbury bars? What have I been missing out on -- besides seeing you in person at LTYM?

  4. I asked my daughter to bring me manure from the sheep farm for my gardens, and told my kids, "If you really love me, you'll spread it in the gardens for me for Mother's Day!"

    We used to have my husband bring home jars of Sainsbury's Korma and Tikka Masala sauce when he went over for work. He'd never get that through security today. The candy sounds like a wise choice!