Monday, April 04, 2016

Hope Springs Eternal

The weather can't seem to make up its mind around here. But, really, a spring cold snap doesn't bother me - it just provides me with the prolonged opportunity to wear my handknit socks. It's all good.

I joined my friends for the last day of their yarn crawl yesterday - we only hit 2 shops, but I still managed to spend a considerable amount of money. It's weird what happens in a yarn shop - you come up with all sorts of knitting plans you had no idea you wanted to do. That might explain why, surrounded by the CUTEST acrylic/wool yarns ever, I decided that I needed to start a grandmother hope chest - you know, in case any of my kids ever decide to reproduce.

Incipient baby sweaters

That picture doesn't do the yarn justice, as I am the world's worst photographer. I guess I can't use the excuse that it moved just as I was snapping the photo?

Some other stuff found its way into my bag, also - random sock yarn, mostly. We also went out to lunch, and then there was a stop for sorbet/gelato after the second store. Have I mentioned that Larry and the kids and their Scouting compatriots were still finishing up the mulch deliveries? That made my freedom all the sweeter.

Susie is waiting for me to walk to the bagel store with her. Einstein Bagels has a Monday special (one dozen for $6) that we often take advantage of.  Even though, technically, Einstein Bagels doesn't sell the real thing - their bagels are more like a roll with a hole in the middle. But since we won't have the privilege of living in the NY metro area any time soon, we'll just have to settle. When in Rome...


  1. A grandmother hope chest... so THAT'S what it's called! (What? Didn't you already have one? I started mine a few years ago.)

  2. You in a yarn store sounds like me in a craft store. I could spend hours. So much inspiration, so little time. The yarns are pretty. I love the pinks and blues.

  3. It's the yarn fumes. We all do it. And we fall down and swipe the credit card as we go. NJ yarn crawl in a week. I'm doomed.

  4. I think it's wonderful that you follow your urge. It should be something beautiful at the end, I'm sure. Amazing colors!