Thursday, December 01, 2016

God Bless Us, Everyone!

Look at this theater! So beautiful...
Yesterday, a friend and I took her 2 girls and Susie on a road trip - we went to see a free dress rehearsal of A Christmas Carol, performed by a professional theater company a couple of hours away. I wouldn't have even known about it if this blogger hadn't told me, for which favor I am forever indebted to her. The performance was magnificent, AND I got lots of knitting done, since my friend did the driving.

Also, did I mention FREE?

While it was great to break out of our routine, traveling meant that Wednesday was my 6th straight day of no cooking. Not wanting to break my streak, I neglected to cook today, also. I'm thinking that maybe I should stay in the kitchen all day tomorrow. There's a Costco roasted chicken waiting to be made into white bean/chicken chili, and a half bushel of apples that need to turn into applesauce. We're all out of granola, too.

Or I could just knit. I mean, it's not as if ChickFilA won't be open...


  1. Oh, wow! That theatre! If only I'd known about it when we lived in NoVA... (Why do I kid myself? I probably wouldn't have gone unless someone else drove.)
    Cooking -- what's that? I cook for holidays; the rest of the time I carefully consume my husband's cooking.

  2. It's a little piece of heaven, yes?

  3. I seem to not be cooking much lately these days either!

  4. I thought I recognized that theater! My in laws live nearby and they have treated us to 2 different shows in the past few years. I'll have to let them know about free dress rehearsals.

  5. Wow - it is beautiful! Free is my kind of price tag.