Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Week Of The Long Scarves

My hands HURT
Hi! I spent the last 4 days or so frantically knitting crescent scarves* (bulky wool, thank goodness) for the Up North relatives, because I needed to mail them out by yesterday. This endeavor was complicated by the fact that I had to go out 4 nights in a row over this past weekend.

Apparently, I am very popular, but only on this one weekend a year.

Friday, there was the nursing home choir performance: I was in charge of refreshments, and a very spunky 93-year-old woman requisitioned 3 of my decorative fake poinsettias PLUS a very attractive new Christmas mug (MINE) that I had put the chocolates in (and tell me, is there any way to say no to a very spunky 93-year-old woman? No, there is not). The next night was our friends' annual honest-to-goodness-grownup cocktail party (remember? the one that Larry tried to sabotage for me 2 years ago?), definitely not a good venue to drag along a knitting project to; and the night after that, I attended another friend's ornament-exchange party,where I did manage to get a few rows done (yes, I AM a horrible guest - horrible and desperate).

I finished off my socializing spree on Monday with our neighborhood Bunko night, where I was too busy winning 30 dollars to have time to knit.  In short, I was hard pressed to finish what I had envisioned as being a bunch of easy gift projects.

All right, it would have helped if I had started the darn things earlier, I know.

Seasonal favorite
So now my lovely creations are winging (or rolling, I don't know which) their way north, nestled in a box with several containers of Moose Munch; and I can finally turn my attention to the folks who live here. The gift-giving here has gotten a little boring, however, what with all the kids getting older - we paid to help fix Anna's 13-year-old truck and Theo's 8-year-old car, so that pretty much takes care of the 2 oldest (or, as we affectionately refer to them, the prototypes).

As for the youngest 4, they're all becoming a tad too jaded to make this gift-giving thing much fun. Essentially, we're dubbing this the Christmas of the Gift Cards and leaving it at that.

Gift cards and Moose Munch, actually - can't skip that Moose Munch...

*Copper Boom Scarf, for those of you who need to know


  1. Those are some awfully large gift cards under the tree....

  2. I did end up getting Susie a couple of books, plus Rachel insisted on a TARDIS nightlight. I think the rest are sibling gifts (plus a couple of goofy ones from me to Larry).

  3. Ugh...what I despise the most - at least this time of the year - having an older child to buy for - it's impossible! At any rate, yay you! You got the scarves and Moose Munch out. The rest is gravy, right?

  4. The scarves look lovely! Nice work.

  5. "The darn things..." I see what you did there, punny woman. Pretty scarves, though.
    I remarked to my husband how the exchange of gift cards among the older grownups is tiresome. I'd rather we'd just stop already. *sigh* Hope you enjoy a merry holiday! Rest your fingers!

    1. Hahaha! I didn't even catch it. Trust an English teacher to show us the way.

  6. I was so busy Christmas week too I was like ugh why do I have friends I need to stay home lol

  7. My youngest is 17 and we had the hardest time thinking of gifts for any of the kids. The 21yo came home from college and suggested he needed socks and undershirts (but did I buy him any? NO, because that would have meant going to the store to shop and I had no time).
    At least we stopped exchanging gifts for the nephews since it got the point of asking the aunts which movie ticket venues were nearby and we all decided the round robin of tickets and candy was ridiculous. (I still feel guilty, but at least I also feel free.)