Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Under Pressure

2-at-a-time - I am SO clever
It's Monday evening, and I am still trying to figure out where the heck the weekend went.

Today I drove. And drove. And drove again. Also? I almost finished the 2-at-a-time fingerless mitts I started while my friend drove us to see A Christmas Carol. Just the top ribbing and the thumbs to go...

Yesterday was the inaugural use of my InstantPot. People, when you rave about this thing cooking your frozen chicken breasts in 15 minutes, that is not exactly accurate. My pot took close to 10 minutes to get up to pressure, another 15 minutes to cook the chicken. What with shredding the chicken and putting it back in the pot on saute to let it cook a little more (because 15 minutes wasn't quite enough), that dinner took over 45 minutes.

Also? It just doesn't feel like cooking. It's weird. You can't smell what's going on.

Old Faithful
AND the InstantPot has what must be the worst instruction book ever. Tons of small print, no clear headings (seriously, does boldface cost more?), etc. I don't know, maybe I am just becoming dumber. I managed to burn (very slightly) my hand when I moved that steam release vent at the end. Maybe this dog is getting too old to learn new tricks.

The kids said the chicken tasted good, however. So I'll try the thing a few more times, see if it works for pot roast, maybe. I mean, it would be nice not to have my dinner plans torpedoed just because I forgot to defrost the roast the night before, to have it ready for the crockpot at 8 AM.

I like my crockpot, though. It's not scary. I value that in a kitchen appliance.


  1. Just wanted you to know that you can out s frozen roast in your Crock-Pot in the morning and all is still well in the Crock-Pot world. In fact I just did it yesterday.

    1. Really? I always read that it keeps it in the danger zone (temperature-wise) for too long. Still, if it gets hot enough in the end, it should kill any bacteria, right?

  2. As I mentioned, my husband has one and loves it. I on the other hand, don't care for the noise it makes. I'm always convinced he's going to blow the house up.

  3. But if you forget about your dinner or misS-time it, it keeps it warm for you. That's usually my problem. Oh also? Once I forgot to turn that venting thing back to sealing and wasted half an hour while it couldn't build up pressure.

  4. I will stay posted...from a safe distance;)