Monday, April 03, 2017

Failed Housetraining

In case anyone thought my fears of what would happen to this house during my 2-week absence were exaggerated, I conducted an experiment: I assiduously refrained from reminding the children to take care of the kids' bathroom trash over the weekend. Please bear in mind that, contrary to appearances, I have spent the better part of 25 years instructing my children on the fine art of emptying a trash can. Apparently, my life's work has come to naught.

A few days ago...

Last night

And, yes, I will break down and make sure all trash cans are empty before I leave. Alas, my hopes are not high for after that point in time. Apres moi, le deluge...

And, some prettier pictures - I managed to join my friends for one day of their yarn crawl yesterday (but only AFTER getting up at 6:30 on a Sunday morning to fetch 4 dozen doughnuts for the stalwarts who showed up to deliver the last loads of mulch that day):

My usual awesome photography

2 skeins of fingering yarn - perfect for knitting some simple garter stitch shawlettes/scarves on the train. That and a couple of sock projects should keep me busy, I'm thinking. But check out the name on the one to the right: "Machete Shoppe." I don't know what's weirder, the word "machete" being used in a yarn brand name or the word "machete" being paired with the cutesy "pe" version of "shop." I picture sales clerks dressed as scary clowns. And you?


  1. Maybe there's some other meaning of machete? I hope? Anyway, hope you have a great time on your cross-country adventure. I tend to pack 2x as much knitting as I could possibly accomplish, so I admire your restraint. On the other hand, you'll be sitting on the train looking at the Great Plains for days - maybe you need a book too?

  2. Sounds like a wonderful trip! Have a great time, and if you run out of knitting, you can always check for yarn shop along the way.

  3. Right! What knittergran said!

  4. That trash can! Oh man! I hope you have a great time though, and don't come home to find your family buried under crumpled kleenex.

  5. Fear not, you are not alone in the failed housetraining department, my son will be 23 and still cannot handle some of the simplest tasks. My husband, who will be 61, can handle tasks but needs to be prompted...sometimes repeatedly.

    Enjoy your trip!

  6. My husband was 30 when I married him and he really enjoyed garbage can jenga. The trash would be one third of the way up the wall. Now his new game is to crush the trash into the can so tightly I can't get it out.

  7. Is it weird if I say that you're overflow garbage looks tame? Ours gets way out of control. My daughter had bathroom garbage duty FOREVER - when we switched jobs it went to her older brother. Disaster! He might finally empty them after days of gradually increased volume shouting, but he usually fails to put in a replacement bag. More screaming. Our bigger issue at the moment is a kid who is spitting toothpaste directly at the mirror. There's no other explanation. I'd consider a hidden camera, but it's a bathroom.

  8. We have a lid on the garbage can in the kitchen, so it's pretty obvious when full, but sometimes I still have to remind them to take it out! Sadly, our counter-top compost bin does not have a lid and it often rivals your bathroom garbage experiment. I honestly don't know how the rest of the family doesn't see it. You have my sympathy here.

  9. That's a crazy name for a store!
    My kids are hopeless, too, so your post makes me feel like less of a loser. Thank you for that.