Sunday, July 02, 2017

Food Would Be Nice

Larry and Rachel helped park cars at a July 4th Festival all day yesterday, so I used the quiet time around here to do some food shopping, clean out the fridge, cut up a watermelon. "I'll make more potato salad tomorrow," I told Brian. "Maybe some tuna, also. And we'll do a barbeque on Tuesday!" Oh, I was full of gustatory plans.

It all seems like a dream now, 24 hours later, all that food and talk of food. Because the fast-moving stomach bug that has been laying waste to families all over my state arrived here last night: first poor Rachel, who came home from 8 hours in 90-degree weather with a stomachache, one we attributed to dehydration, even though she kept insisting, "I drank! I drank the whole time!" She fell asleep curled up on a living room chair, after vomiting (and why do my kids all insist on a witness to their distress? Why did she have to yell "Mommy!" as she ran to the bathroom? Couldn't she have yelled "Daddy?"), with our words ringing in her ears, "Remember this next year! Stay hydrated!"

Because we're wonderful parents that way, wrongfully (as it turns out) blaming our children for their illnesses.

I fell sick later that night. I ended up on the couch, near Rachel, because it was cooler down there (yes, I DID turn on the AC that day) and spent a few sleepless hours wondering how to make up to her for our baseless accusations. I slept late, staggered out to knit with my friends (because no one can deny illness like I can) and then staggered back home and slept the rest of the afternoon away.

I thought longingly of this all day.
There's some really good watermelon in my fridge that I haven't been able to eat. I ate some crackers this evening, though, and half a banana - so don't tell me I don't know how to party on a holiday weekend.

And that's all, folks - I'm boring when I'm sick. Maybe you all could discuss the fun things you get to do this weekend, so I can enjoy them vicariously?

Or not - as you wish...


  1. I've been that mom too. Blamed my son for eating too many chips, then the rest of the family started puking along with him. We are spending the 4th driving to Denver to try to get our passports renewed in time for our vacation that was supposed to start tomorrow and has now been postponed until Saturday. Hopefully. Passports pending. I'd rather lie on the couch.

  2. Probably, you'll be fit as a fiddle come Tuesday, right? RIGHT? Please tell me this passes quickly!

  3. Oh I'm so sorry. That sounds awful. Hope you are all well soon.

  4. Oh no!! So sorry for all of you. We are headed to Michigan for two nights to stay at our friend's lake house. They already brought tank, mini, and Reggie up there, so it's been fairly quiet at home. Except that I had to entertain the hell out of curly. She had to wait to go with us because she had a 3 hr dance practice yesterday. National championships are Sunday in New Orleans. Poor curly. I'm big on making lists, so I've written down a million things to remember for Michigan and New Orleans. So 30 min after we left for Michigan I realized I left my awesome sweet and sour green bean casserole in the fridge at home. Damn. Lots of time and energy last night whipping that up but it was a last minute add on. Not on my list. BTW a husband leaning over the cooler asking repeatedly if it was ready to load, not helpful. So while you think of watermelon, I'll think of green beans.

  5. Yikes! Hope you feel better soon and that the whole family doesn't get taken down.

    If it makes you feel any better we did absolutely NOTHING this weekend. And since tomorrow night is a week night and we have to work on Wednesday, we are just going to have an early dinner with friends and call it done.

  6. I think getting sick so soon after her is punishment enough for your sins. I suspect Rachel would agree that it was appropriate karma.
    In your defense, I did get overheated one day outdoors at a fundraiser, without enough water (because there was a lack of toilets nearby, so why drink a lot of water?) -- and came home with a blazing headache and ended up getting sick. See? It happens! I was a 36-year-old homeschooling mother of four at the time.

  7. Yuck that's so horrible.