Saturday, July 29, 2017

Beaten At My Own Game

So, yeah, here's a picture that inadvertently sums up my incredibly pedestrian day Friday:

There you have it - I rolled up 50-gram balls of yarn, knitted a gauge swatch, and battled an ant invasion with that can of spray and the vacuum cleaner hiding in the back corner of the photo. And, no, I don't know what all those corks are doing there. Let's pretend they're decorative, shall we?

The ants must have been trying to escape the rain. Because rain it did. It rained, and it rained, and it rained. It was the sort of rain where you stop what you are doing from time to time and wonder whether the house can withstand that much water falling out of the sky at once. Well, maybe that's just me.

Susie and I took advantage of the stay-indoors weather by playing Dutch Blitz. So, uh, what exactly do you call that phase where your kid starts beating you (repeatedly) at games you taught her oh so many years ago?

Oh, oh yeah. Growing up, that's what you call it. And, whaddaya know, here's the post where I rejoiced that Susie had finally learned to play this particular card game. It was 5 whole years ago. She was only 7 then. OMG, where has the time gone?

Today Larry drove to pick Rachel up from the Civil Air Patrol camp she attended this week. It's called Honor Guard and the kids spend the week learning to march in ceremonial drills and to toss rifles and (I kid you not) to carry coffins.

That's right - I sent my kid to a summer camp where she learned to be a pallbearer. I'm still trying to wrap my head around that one.

So, anyway, Rachel had a great time (let's face it, she's always been the weird one, right?) and wants to go back next year for the advanced level. Maybe that's when they learn to toss the coffins. I don't know.

That's it for now. Tomorrow Larry and I have to perform the yearly, divorce-defying ritual of opening up the camper, so we can get it ready for our August sojourn up north. Because why enjoy your weekend when you can argue over where to put sleeping bags and camp chairs instead?

[Dutch Blitz image: Dutch Blitz]


  1. Pallbearer camp... That's a new one! My dh and I now discuss trailers at least once a week or rather, I discuss them and he nods absentmindedly because he's only half listening to me.
    I cannot make up my mind what I really want. Wait, that's not true -- what I want is a trailer as flexible in size as the Weasleys' car. We're doomed.

    1. I know - you pick one feature and you give up another. I told Larry he needs to take a year off and we can rent a conversion van and tool over the country. He just mumbled something about money and walked away.

  2. I love Karen's comment above! Camp is camp for kids I guess. Always fum.

  3. I recently slept out in a tent on an air mattress that I swear is more comfortable than the bed I normally sleep in. It was kind of fun, but waking up in the night and wondering what that sound of shuffling nearby was made me think my less comfortable mattress indoors doesn't seem all that bad anymore.

    1. I do try to convince myself that bears prefer to invade tents and not pop-up trailers.

  4. Pallbearer camp? Hmmm... I'll have to ask my daughter if that appeals to her kids. She'd love to send them off to camp, so maybe?

  5. AnonymousJuly 31, 2017

    You have to let us in on any big pallbearing secrets. I bet there are a few.
    Happy camping!

  6. Is she going to be in one of those videos that show how we send our kids to killing camp haha