Monday, February 12, 2018

Team Señor Rico

Larry's still away, which means all kid transportation has fallen in my lap. It's been a ridiculous amount of driving and logistics. So ridiculous that when Rachel said, "Oh, hey, there's this thing Sunday...", I shouted "NO! NO DRIVING!"and she pretty much backed out of the room.

At least I'm making sure the kids miss their father, right?

As for me, I'll admit I've been enjoying having the bedroom all to myself, since that means I can pile yarn and half-done knitting projects on the bed and leave them there until I'm good and ready to put them away. Also, my OWN bathroom - no feeling guilty about all the exfoliators and facial moisturizers and anti-wrinkle products scattered on the vanity every morning. And, no, I have no idea if the products I bought at Costco last week are actually working. I probably should have used them on only one side of my face, if I wanted to be scientific about it. Why didn't I think of that? I don't know. There goes my Nobel Prize for science, I guess.

Scrap-yarn blanket I've been working on -
blankets belong on beds anyway, right?

I managed to beat back whatever weird virus was threatening me last week (maybe I'm just allergic to driving? That's possible), so I've gotten back to my 1-mile slog/jog in the mornings. I take weekends off, because I have yoga, which is not at all the same thing but humor me, okay? Yesterday got so warm and nice out, however, that I texted a few neighbors to see if anyone wanted to go for a brisk walk with me. One finally said yes, so off we went. When I got back home, another neighbor texted and said, "Oh, hey, I can go now!" so I went for another walk. I mean, exercise, right? It's good for you.

So I got home from that second walk and had no sooner collapsed on the couch with my knitting (I mean, ENOUGH with the exercise already) when another neighbor knocked on the door and - you guessed it - invited me out for a walk. And I went, because she's younger than I am and I didn't want to seem wimpy.

My point here is, I think my neighbors are trying to kill me. Or else my new anti-aging creams are so effective, these people think I can handle all this aerobic activity. That's a possibility.

I have to go now. Today is my weekly Aldi's day, and if I haven't talked here yet about my love for Aldi's, well - I LOVE ALDI'S. Everything is SO CHEAP. I feel thrifty and virtuous every time I walk into that store. Also, I have a thing for these:

Only 88 CENTS EACH, people!

I buy an entire flat of them each week. And, yes, I KNOW I could make my own rice pudding even more cheaply (in fact an older woman in front of me on line in Aldi's gave me her recipe, because Aldi's customers are friendly that way); but first, it takes a long time, and second, it requires that I have all the right ingredients on hand, and third, it didn't taste the same. So I'll persist in my extravagant habit of buying these single-serve containers of creamy deliciousness, THANK YOU.

(I figured out how to type that "ñ" in the post title without even asking my teen for instructions - darn proud of myself I am.)


  1. It's safer to buy single-serving containers if you're anything like me: making an entire batch of rice pudding means I will be eating half of it myself. (Yum!)
    That multi-yarn colors afghan is going to be a real beauty! Is it for you or someone else?

    1. Yes, the portion control is another plus for me, too!

  2. You can pat yourself on the back for taking weekends off for yoga - because you are strengthening your core and increasing your flexibility - at least, that's what I hear. What do I know?

    I'm ready for my husband to go somewhere (at least I don't have the horrors of driving children around) just so I can have the bed to myself for a few days.

  3. I love Aldi's too, but I have to drive over the mountain to Waynesboro to the closest one, so I don't go often. I did encourage my daughter to shop there, since she's on a tight budget and she loves it.

  4. 1. Agree with you on the driving. It's exhausting. Coach always seems to be at work late on the nights when everyone needs to go in different directions. 2. Um, I've never been to Aldi. Thanks to you, I will have to check it out. I do love rice pudding! 3. And, I really love the blanket! It's gorgeous!

  5. That's a wonderful looking blanket.

    I, too, have had occasion to go ballistic about driving requests from teens. In fact, I think I shouted exactly what you did. It was effective, but probably only once.