Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Oscars. Also, Worms and Mushrooms

I'm still making myself run (most) mornings. Just a mile and, at best, my "run" is more of a stagger. So add to that the fact it rained this weekend and all the worms (I do mean ALL THE WORMS) came out on the sidewalks to avoid being drowned in their holes (or wherever they live - in the dirt, right?), and you'll understand why there was a bit (okay, A LOT) of weaving added to my stagger, as I attempted to avoid stepping on their gooey selves.

Not because I care about worms, I just find them disgusting, and YES I know they aerate the earth and compost things in their disgusting worm-y bodies. I DON'T CARE.

So my morning jog on Sunday looked more as though I were absolutely drunk and about to fall down. Hi, neighbors! No, really, I'm FINE.

You'll never look at mushrooms
the same way again
In other news, I'm on a mission this week to see as many Oscar-nominated movies as possible, because I have that Oscar party to go to again this year, and I'm downright competitive about it. I've already seen "Get Out" and "LadyBird" and "The Post," so tonight a friend and I took in "Phantom Thread." My official review is that Daniel Day-Lewis was marvelous and the movie was unbelievably weird. Also, I am determined to contribute a mushroom-themed dish to the party on Oscars night. Suggestions are welcome!

I'm hoping to see "Darkest Hour" and "The Shape of Water" sometime before Sunday. I am never, ever going to see "Three Billboards..." though, so don't suggest it.

No matter what, I'll be better prepared than I was way back in 2012, when I had seen only one of the movies and barely knew who any of the nominated actors were (I was coming off of, oh, 20 years of baby-raising and also being flat broke). Someone commented anonymously on that post, claiming she couldn't BELIEVE I was that ignorant and I must be kidding. But hey - she didn't recognize that the title of that particular post alluded to the 70s sitcom "All in the Family."

We all have our little fiefdoms of ignorance, I suppose...

Anyway, now that I can afford movie tickets and have some time I can call my own, I'm in it to win it. Also, I need you all to go see "Phantom Thread" so we can discuss its weirdness, okay? Thanks.

[Phantom Thread image: IMDB]


  1. All I know is The Greatest Showman ( nominated for best original song) although I have seen Phantom Thread advertised and hyped and am curious. I may get to it!

  2. I saw the Phantom Thread and enjoyed it a lot, even though it is definitely weird. Do you think Daniel Day-Lewis's character knew what Alma was doing in the kitchen as he sat and waited for his omelet? I do, which makes the whole thing even weirder. But boy-howdy, was DD-L great or what?!

  3. I feel really clueless because I have heard of most of the movies but not phantom thread. I've only seen the post. The kitchen reno plus my up coming trip to Scotland have made me broke plus I don't yet have time to call my own. I will still watch the awards and follow along as best as a clueless person can.

  4. I just looked up Phantom Thread - had never even heard of it - looks interesting! But not interesting enough that my husband would go. I'll have to find another victim, er...friend - to go with me.

    As for your mushroom dilemma, I vote for stuffed mushrooms! I don't have a recipe for stuffed mushrooms but I love to eat them; so that's my contribution.

    And? I won't be watching the Oscar's. I know...but I AM truly pop-culture clueless - so it would be wasted on me.

  5. Hello! I am visiting from Beth's blog...
    So nice to meet you!
    I enjoyed scrolling through your space here, and am excited to visit again soon!
    Have a cozy day. : )

  6. If it's not on Netflix I probably haven't seen it. I CANNOT stay awake at the movie theater. It's horrible. The last movie I saw was Moana which I actually did manage not to sleep through but only because I ate a lot of popcorn.