Thursday, February 01, 2018

We Have A Winner!

I'm supposed to be finishing up with the cooking of tonight's dinner (something different to do with carrots, anyone?), so that's why I'm talking at you instead.

I remembered this morning that I am holding a giveaway for the Yarn Harlot's book Knitting Rules. I had completely forgotten, so - again - it's a good thing I'm not a big-time blogger (do those exist anymore, even?) that people actually expect things from. Anywhoo, I dialed up the trusty old random number generator and it gave me a 3, which translated into Lisa G. in CT winning the book.

Lisa G. in CT, come on down! Or just email me ( to give me your address, okay?

Whew, that was exciting. What was also exciting is that I managed to finish binding off my January project at the stroke of midnight yesterday (okay, okay, at the stroke of 12:01, actually). I held it up in front of the mirror (my arms are too short to properly view it straight on) to appreciate it's beautiful colors and fun striping and realized I don't know if I like it

Draped attractively across my beloved Ektorp, because why not?
Unfortunately, my lousy photography skills don't let you see how
the flecks of color in the cream sections coordinate with the lovely green lines

I mean, the shawl is lovely and all (look at those cunning stripes that meet at one end but diverge at the other - swoon), but I don't know if it's my style. This may turn into another giveaway. Or a birthday present for an elderly friend I only see twice a year, so she doesn't feel obligated to wear it if she doesn't want to. I don't know. I do know that my negative reaction caused me to question my resolution this year to knit fancy things like other knitters do. Maybe I should just stick to socks and tube cowls. I'm a simple person, after all.

It's an existential crisis, y'all, triggered by 200 grams of fingering weight sock yarn. Who knew my psyche was so precariously balanced?

In other news (aside from the fact that those carrots are STILL NOT COOKED), a friend and I took our girls on a field trip yesterday to 2 museums, with a stop at Shake Shack in between. It was a productive day, is what I'm saying. This morning we went ice skating, and if there is anyone out there who still thinks homeschoolers sit home all day, chained to their workbooks,'re wrong, obviously. In fact, I can't even find the workbooks right now.

Probably under a pile of yarn someplace, I guess.

Okay, now I have 10 minutes to turn a pile of raw carrots into something my family wants to eat with pot roast and potatoes. I should have a cooking show - Deadline: Dinner or something like that. A bunch of underachieving housewives can compete to throw together a tasty side dish from whatever happens to be in the fridge. Bonus points if none of the children cry when presented with the results.

Hey, Cooking Channel? CALL ME.


  1. Ok I know you are kidding, and dinner is long over, but my dad always made these garlic/ honey carrots with fresh chopped parsley, everyone always loves them when I make them for dinner parties and stuff. I wish there were a recipe, but it is kind of by taste. Butter and honey, and a fresh pressed garlic clove, over a big bowl of steamed carrot slices. Good handful of finely chopped parsley at the end.

  2. And the shawl looks amazing. That is why I stopped sewing too- I kept picking things to sew that aren't my style. Anyone else you give it too will feel very lucky though.

  3. First of all "Deadline Dinner" is a completely brilliant idea. Second of all, it was the stroke of 12:01, you were tired, woman! No rash decisions about knitting projects or life decisions. We are too old for that crap. Give it some time and get some sleep.

  4. I would be out in the first round of that show. The shawl looks great.

  5. I would SO watch Deadline Dinner... just throwing that out there. ;)

  6. Deadline: Dinner is a brilliant idea. Can my husband compete? (He's always throwing strange things together and expecting us to love it.)