Friday, April 06, 2018

Foiled Getaway

Just quickly: heading up to a beach house this weekend to celebrate my friend's birthday. What with our homeowners association's annual meeting last night, the bathroom renovation occurring in my house, and various other events involving feeding and transporting children, this week has been crazy. But here's the really wrong part: remember MULCH? You know, that yearly event that somehow Larry and I ended up running together, even though we are so definitely NOT THAT COUPLE?

Well, this birthday weekend celebration thing conveniently landed on Mulch Weekend this year. Not only was I NOT in charge of the food tent, I would not have to be anywhere in the vicinity of any of the myriad mulch crises that occur during this event.

Yes, there is such a thing as a mulch crisis. Believe me, I've lived it. Multiple times.

No, I would be far, far away, sitting in my friend's inlaw's house, knitting and laughing and chatting with my crafting compatriots. No cooking multiple dishes of mac and cheese for hungry Boy Scouts; no early Sunday morning donut runs; no Sign-Up Genius activity WHATSOEVER. Oh, paradise! What fortuitous timing!

And then, weather happened. All week, weather services have been trumpeting news of an historic April snowstorm, all coming down this Saturday. And because of this unusual forecast, something occurred which has never occurred before: Mulch Weekend was postponed. An event that has previously been held in freezing temps and rain was canceled for this weekend and moved to the end of the month instead.

Snow? SERIOUSLY? Tell it to the tree.

Anyone far from here want a house guest April 27-29? I'm available.


  1. How unfortunate! I can't believe that this happened; it' kind of funny, but not in a "ha ha" sort of funny.

  2. Beth RiddickApril 06, 2018

    Really annoyed after getting all my snow gear out again. Not a flake.

  3. Oh that SUCKS!!!! Such a narrow escape - almost. I'd invite you to Chicago, but since it keeps snowing here and I still wear my winter coat when I leave the house - I don't think you will want to come here.

  4. Come on down...I can't promise what the weather will be like here as we are in the same day sunny and 70; the next morning they are calling for a "chance" of this point I've decided that Spring is never going to actually come.

  5. As beautiful as the flocked trees looked this morning, I AM SO DONE WITH WINTER. None in December, but complete crap here now in April. Ugh.

  6. It's snowy here, and no cherry blossoms at all...

  7. That tree looks so much like the neighbor's tree when we lived in LoCo. I miss those pastoral views. Crafting retreat in the Kootenays: April 27-28. You're welcome to come!