Sunday, April 29, 2018

Bits And Bobs

I let a whole week go by without blogging, and if I don't just dump a few things out here, I'll never be able to resume. Let's go!

My new favorite Aldi find:

Only 5 dollars! Plus 72 cents for the sheep...

This replaced the metal colander I picked up off the trash pile several years ago. Considering that that particular find never drained water correctly (I know! It had ONE JOB!) and was also missing a handle, this new red beauty is very welcome in our household. Bienvenue! Wilkommen!

Last week, as mentioned previously, I helped serve dinner to the high school Theater Arts students during Tech Week. (Rachel's in the play as a townsperson. This is a step up from last year, when she was a dancing spoon.) I also signed up to contribute fresh fruit, because I'm a team player like that.

So! I don't know what came over me the second day, but it probably had something to do with the 99-cent cantaloupes at Harris Teeter plus the presence in my breadbox/junk repository of approximately 50 wooden kabob sticks. These sticks must have been waiting at least 10 years to fulfill their destiny. Whatever the inspiration, I ended up putting poor Susie to work, shish-ka-bobbing melon pieces and grapes to feed the Theater Arts kids with.

We're culinary artists, Susie and I

They were a hit, and no one got it in the eye, either. But I'm never doing this again - way too much work. Those kids can just eat grapes off the vine, the way God intended.

Let's see, what else? Tulips are in bloom!

It's a relief to see, as they are about 3 weeks late this year. It's been a cold, cold spring and now it's going to be close to 90 degrees later this week. Mother Nature is a fickle creature.

And there was a new sheep tableau in Susie's room the other night:

Training for Cirque du Soleil, I guess

It's scary how adorable these creatures are. Sometimes I just sit on the couch and hold one. True story.


  1. That's what we always say around here: "you had one job!" I love it. But this colander is cute too. Double duty.

    1. A pleasing combination of form AND function!

  2. Those sheep are so darn cute I'm actually considering heading to Aldi to look for them...who am I kidding? I'll just sit over here and admire yours.

  3. Love the fruit kabobs!
    I probably would have thrown them in a bowl!
    We all love cantaloupe around here, but no-one wants to slice it up!
    It sits on the counter until and we all just act like we don't see it!

    Have a cozy evening!

  4. That tulip photo is awesome! I mean it is almost May and I finally forced the kids to hand over their winter coats to be stuffed into the cedar chest for storage. My mudroom looks so much neater just minus all that bulk. In reality though, I know there are granola bar wrappers, old socks, and mismatched mittens lurking in the corners.

  5. I'm still using a colander that falls over every time I drain something into it. Why can't I have an Aldi? Thank you for reminding me, though, why I save my kebab skewers for the grill. People around here are lucky if I cut the fruit and put it in a bowl for them!