Thursday, April 19, 2018


HELLO! I had to take Susie to the mall today to have her Warby Parker glasses adjusted (we are such a stylish family, eyewear-wise, all because of Brian); and of course we ended up going into all the lower-end clothing stores in search of jeans shorts that aren't too short, which apparently - as an endeavor - ranks right below tilting at windmills on the fruitlessness scale. We also ended up at Panda Express because we're low-brow like that and I love me some pepper chicken.

ANYWAY, while Susie was busy looking for the Holy Grail of summer wear, as it were, at H&M, I drifted over to the jewelry section. I need earrings, because I only have one earring of each pair I like. Every morning I think, It sure would be nice to put on some earrings and I look and there is no matched pair that I actually want to wear. Is this normal? I only had my ears pierced at the late age of 50, so I have no idea.

SO, I looked for the earrings section, but apparently all the earrings have been replaced with window treatment pulls and trim this year:

Are roller shades coming back in style?
These would make great mid-century modern shade pulls

Last time I saw these, they were hanging from
curtain tiebacks in my friend's mother's living room
(circa 1973)

Okay, I think these adorned my great-aunt's
curtains, back in 1969 or so

I'm not even sure how these are supposed to attach to my ears

When I haven't been pondering the sad state of jewelry these days, I've been engaging in more edifying activities, such as going on a walking tour/scavenger hunt with Susie and our friends. We covered over 5 miles yesterday doing this. Of course, all that exercise was probably negated by the pizza and (later) gelato we ingested; but the refreshments were a necessary part of the day, as Susie only walks for food.

In between eatings, though, we saw amazing art:

And interesting architecture:

I don't think I'm skinny enough to live in this house.

We also learned history-type things, which I'm sure Susie didn't bother to retain. But she did enjoy the pizza, so there's that.

Oh, and I acquired a flock of sheep this week:

72 cents each - at Aldi's! I couldn't resist.

I was just going to buy one sheep, as ornamentation for my soon-to-be yarn room; but when it rang up at only 72 cents, I ran back and got 5 more. I mean, wouldn't you?

Susie was so delighted with them that she insisted we go back to Aldi's the next day and rescue any left behind. So that's the story of how I ended up with 7 stuffed sheep, and I think Larry doesn't quite know what to do about it, so he hasn't said anything at all.

That's what 27 years of marriage will bring you to - defeated acquiescence. You heard it here first!


  1. Sheep are the perfect decorations for your knitting room. I love those old skinny houses. We saw so many in Philadelphia a few years ago, but yeah, the stairs worry me. I need more leeway on stairs. Well, the kitchens, since I am a dish buying addict. I need me some serious cupboard space.

  2. Adorable sheep!!!
    And I am with you on the earrings.
    I actually have two pair of earrings.
    One pair are my every single day pair. They are diamond studs.
    The other are a tiny bit more fancy.
    Have a cozy evening. : )

  3. As a veteran of that particular Holy Grail Quest, I feel it my duty to inform you that shorts that are long enough (yea, even with functional pockets!) can be found in the surfer/skater shops or in the male-teen section. Alternatively, jeans or khakis that fit in the waist can be acquired in thrift stores and hemmed into shorts.

    (also, a similar but much cheaper situation is how I found myself the quondam owner of a hundred-odd bobble-headed turtles. No regrets.)

  4. Hey! You were in Old Town! My sister-in-law lives there. Not in the little house but in Old Town.

    Those sheep are adorable! I'm not a knitter but I think I would have gotten a few too!

    I have kept the same small diamond studs (very small) in my ears for years. I don't have to think about it and they go with everything. And WTH with those earrings from H&M! I thought the big hoops from the 80's did a number on my poor holes I can only imagine all the lobes that are going to be ripped with those giant things dangling form them!

  5. Go back, interview the owner of the skinny blue house, take photos and post them please. Pretty please. I'd LOVE to see the interior because I'm not creative enough to imagine how it works.

  6. Those earrings are not only ridiculous but they are hideous. Those sheep, on the other hand, are adorable!! Generally, I wear the same pair of silver hoops daily. Mainly because I'm too lazy to find another pair.

    I am very familiar with defeated acquiescence as I'm a 27 year veteran too.

  7. Curly fell in love with sheep on our trip to Scotland. She would be all about those.

    I do not have pierced ears. I am not 50 yet, so maybe I still will. My aunt would be thrilled. She tried to get my ears pierced for my 13th bday. That was her traditional gift. I talked. The idea grossed me out.

    Those earrings are crazy!!!

  8. I LOVE your new herd of sheep! And seriously, talk to me about earrings. I can make you some if you like my style. (I promise that I won't feel bad if you DON'T like my style.)

  9. defeated acquiescence is the best phrase I have heard in a long, long time.

  10. Well that's a cute flock to have lol. OMG those earrings are horrible.