Monday, April 23, 2018


Okay, here's the latest exhibit in my The World's Going to Heck in a Handbasket display:

First they came for my pizza, and I said nothing...

I mean, what gives? Are people bored with normal chocolate? Were Kisses with almonds, Kisses with caramel, Kisses with cherry liqueur for heaven's sake NOT ENOUGH?

Mark my words, we're in the middle of a stealth pineapple takeover. WAKE UP, before it's too late.

In other news, Susie's full-length mirror fell and broke today. You know, the mirror I bought several months ago at Target (on sale!) and that I propped against her wall rather than securely attaching it to the back of her bedroom door? Yeah, that one. I was waiting for our handyman to pop by (which he does when work is slow, because he knows there is ALWAYS something for him to do around here in this money pit we call home) and do it for me, but he never turned up.

And, yes, I know I should be able to hang up a lightweight mirror all by myself, but I prefer to leave that sort of work for the professionals.

Anyway, the mirror fell and broke and I'm thinking that, just on the verge of my BABY turning 13, we have to get an unmistakable omen of 7 years bad luck. We've been down this teen girl road before, you know; we're not rookies. Still, I'd rather keep my head stuck in the sand a little longer, all right?

We're in the middle of "Tech Week" here, which is Theater Arts code for "your kid has to stay after school every day until 9 PM." The show is this weekend (watch for me to do my amazing trick of breaking the popcorn machine at the concession stand again!), so the cast is in full rehearsal mode. I actually signed up to help serve the kids dinner, which certainly makes it look as though I'm a supportive theater parent; but, really, the whole time I'm dishing out baked ziti, I'm hoping Rachel doesn't have time for Theater Arts in her school schedule next year.

I'm not a team player, I guess. Also, I really do fear popcorn duty. Pray for me.


  1. Pineapples are getting better. I think they have engineered them to be sweeter than they used to be. And...the other day I was doing white chocolate for a catering thing and had some left over. I figured any fresh fruit would be good dipped in it, and remembered I had a pineapple cut up in the fridge. I dipped a piece in the white chocolate, and them yelled for my husband to hurry and come eat the rest. It was too good and I was in danger. He and my son chomped all of the rest within 5 minutes. I'm not saying Kisses need to go tropical, but white chocolate and pineapple is dangerously good.

  2. Oooh, Amara. You are a generous soul. I'd have kept it all for myself.

    1. I would have eaten until I was sick so...self preservation!

  3. Hershey's needs to be stopped. *fingers crossed* that you both get away with NO bad luck for the next 7 years.

  4. There is a limit to what one should coat in chocolate.
    Tech week is like shark week, only more stressful.

  5. I want to know how you've survived tech week (and the popcorn machine).