Thursday, July 05, 2018

Sloth And Industry - All In One Post!

I spent the first part of this week doing my best Florence Nightingale imitation for poor ailing Larry. But now he's on the mend (even went to work today!), so I can go back to my life of indolence and blogging.

Good thing, too - I never was too skilled with the nursing care.

We did literally nothing for the Fourth. We didn't even try. Larry was still napping, and Rachel spent the day with her Civil Air Patrol unit helping to park cars at some all-day event, and I'm not a big fan of fireworks anyway. I mean, I don't mind fireworks; but the humidity yesterday evening was somewhere around 2000%, so the idea of sitting outside in the buggy grass for 2 hours, swatting at mosquitoes and trying to breathe, was somewhat less than appealing.

Okay, maybe I do mind fireworks. Whatever.

So I met up with knitting friends in the morning, and then I came home and sat around and ate lemon bars that Anna had baked for a BBQ she was going to.

Anna's home, remember? And we're thrilled to see her, as she's been overseas since September. But she overheard me saying to Larry yesterday, "Maybe I'll make the chicken shwarma on Tuesday, when the boys come home" and she said, "Oh, are those the children you cook for?"

Touché. What with Larry being sick and it being 95,000 degrees out and hey, there's watermelon in the house...What with all that, not much cooking is happening around here. Like, none. Aside from Anna's lemon bars, of course.

Have I mentioned the humidity? Yes? Okay, then.

Anyway, today was no longer a holiday, so I washed sheets and vacuumed the floors and cleaned up the kitchen. I mean, REALLY cleaned up the kitchen, because it was gross. I Magic Eraser-ed the heck out of that place. And then, because I was on a roll, I scrubbed the toaster. Once every 9 years, whether it needs it or not...

This is the same toaster that spoiled my children, by the way.

Don't worry, I still had plenty of time to goof off and knit. For some reason, I decided lace weight yarn is a great thing to work with in hot weather and I started in on this shawl. But I was ignoring what I already knew, deep in my sensible knitter's heart: lace weight yarn is NEVER a great thing to work with. Not unless you want to go blind trying to figure out what the heck is going on.

I am knitting with THREAD

Yet, I persevere. At least until next week, when Theo and Brian return from the Middle East and I really do have to start cooking. (Sorry, Anna.)


  1. AnonymousJuly 05, 2018

    2000% Humidity? 95000 degrees? I don’t know how you were raised, but I was told several million times not to exaggerate.

  2. Here (France) it's very hot too, and I caught a cold to top it all. I like it that I see your old blog design again, very nice. Am I the only one ?

    1. Susie insisted that I go back to it, and then she picked some of the font colors and such. Very helpful!

  3. Beautiful color for the shawl! We have had unbearable heat and humidity here too. 2000% percent sounds about right to me! Hoping it passes soon!

  4. I am with you on the heat and humidity.
    We did go out on Fourth of July, and five minutes into it I was thrilled that I took the time to shower and straighten my hair. OK...maybe not!
    Have a nice weekend!

  5. The fourth was very low key around here too. So low key that I went to bed and slept right through all the fireworks the neighbors were setting off in the street in front of my house.

    I don't know a thing about knitting - but yes, that looks like thread to me; not yarn. BUT, it's very pretty.

  6. Lemon bars and watermelon is all anyone really needs to eat in the summer anyway. I think my family would be totally okay with that!

  7. Yeah. No cooking when it's hot out. Can't your husband grill? That's what husbands are for right? Of course I'm the grill person around here. That yarn really looks like thread. I have no idea how you know with that!

  8. I was in Orlando for July 4th. Strictly for dancing competitions. Only went outside to move between our hotel and the competition. It was walkable but even at 9 am I was dripping in sweat. No 4th of July festivities for us crazy Irish dance people.

    I forgot to start my crockpot yesterday so I stood around at dinner trying to figure out what to cook. Caddies had gone out twice and were famished AND demanding. I was in the kitchen for hours making chicken cacciatore to please the masses. Then I loaded my crockpot for today so I could avoid making dinner again. I also cleaned my kitchen as it had been largely ignored whilethe girls and I were in Orlando. Washed bathroom floors too.

    Today I am chilling at the pool. Well deserved. And for the record, I LOVE your exaggeration.

  9. Here everyone always says "at least it's a dry heat" when it's 110 lol

  10. oh, I forgot to mention that we have been without a grill for over a year. After the gas line was put in for the new grill coach decided to get a bigger grill. He obsessed over which grill to get for weeks. It should have been in a week ago. I CANNOT WAIT!!!

  11. that is one shiny toaster ... ;-)

  12. Summer weather and general malaise and sloth are why my husband cooks (mostly outside). He'd never eat if it was left up to me.